AT&T adds new IoT starter kit to family of kit offerings

Introducing the STM32 LTE-M, designed to work on the AT&T LTE-M network

by Richard Richmond, Lead Product Marketing Manager, AT&T

AT&T is always looking for ways to provide our developer community with new, inventive options to help them with their Internet of Things (IoT) projects.

Our goal is to enable accelerated development of next-generation connected devices while reducing complexities for developers. We believe that to foster innovation, we need to provide kits that support the latest technologies. That’s why AT&T is offering the new AT&T IoT Starter Kit STM32 LTE-M which supports the use of the AT&T LTE-M network.

LTE-M provides potential benefits such as:

  • longer battery life
  • better coverage for devices underground and deep inside buildings
  • smaller module size

The STM32 LTE-M is the latest in a series of AT&T IoT starter kits engineered by Avnet in collaboration with AT&T. The kit supplies everything in one complete package for an introductory price of $139 that makes it affordable to initiate development.

The STM32 LTE-M features a two-board solution comprised of the STM32L475 IoT discovery board from STMicroelectronics and a cellular connectivity daughter card from Avnet. It was designed for the development and prototyping of highly secure, cost-effective, and reliable cellular-connected IoT devices utilizing the AT&T LTE-M network.

AT&T facilitates cloud-based, visual application development and production deployment via AT&T IoT platforms. This helps simplify device management, trigger business events, and orchestrate the distribution of sensor data between IoT devices, existing business infrastructure, and a host of integrated cloud services.

If you are looking to build something new that changes the way you do business, get started today by purchasing the AT&T IoT Starter Kit STM32 LTE-M on AT&T IoT Marketplace or come visit our IoT Foundry in Plano, Texas.