5G and healthcare: Is your organization prepared?

Healthcare will experience significant benefits from 5G; here's how to unleash its full potential

by AT&T Business Editorial Team

5G, the fifth generation of cellular wireless technology, has the potential to offer massive connection power and fast speeds that can help transform how healthcare is delivered.

Not only does 5G have the capacity to impact the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), it will help enable medical innovations using augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence (AI), remote medical learning, remote patient monitoring, and more.

Because access to near real-time data and the ability to make split second decisions are critical in healthcare environments, this sector stands to benefit tremendously from 5G and advanced technologies when fully implemented.

Better communications will produce efficiencies. Diagnostics should be faster at lightning speeds. Transfers of massive files, images and other content will benefit from low latency. And compute power with 5G will help accelerate benefits exponentially.

Our new 5G and Healthcare eBook shows how this exciting new technology could impact healthcare – and how your organization should start preparing for the future.