5 ways colocation supports a hybrid cloud strategy

by Derek Waterhouse

Agility and flexibility. Hybrid cloud brings these two powerful advantages to your enterprise.

With the right approach to hybrid cloud — and the right partner for data center colocation services — you can more readily manage your workload on an application-by-application basis. This in turn enables you to plan for a growing mobile workforce and allot resources to IoT applications and big data analytics.

Opting for colocation services can help you expand into new markets while freeing (not straining) your IT resources. As you review your data center colocation as part of your hybrid cloud strategy, keep these five considerations in mind:

1. Multiple connectivity options

Cloud connectivity is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor.

To be successful, you need to be able to connect to the cloud based on the application and/or the use case. Reliability and performance are critical —with performance that offers a good user experience essential to completing the solution.

You can select your solution based on proximity to a data center or, when multiple locations need to be supported, by choosing highly secure multipoint connectivity such as Cloud Networking.

2. Private cloud

With colocation services, you can move away from capital-intensive internal data centers requiring yearly maintenance and upkeep to stay current with updated standards and practices.

AT&T Colocation offers services at more than 300 data center facilities globally, which brings you the convenience of “owning” your own data center in an OPEX model.

3. Public cloud

AT&T NetBond provides a fully redundant, fully supported end-to-end layer 3 solution for connectivity to more than 16 leading cloud service providers. Our elastic solution supports real-time bursting and simplifies installation and management with a single point of contact for support.

4. Security

You can connect confidently to the cloud, and focus more on your business while trusting your connectivity needs to AT&T.  All AT&T services provide reliable, highly secure solutions that are backed by service level agreements.

5. Product portfolio

AT&T Colocation offers prepackaged solutions to streamline your purchasing experience. Solutions are sized to fit common market needs with competitive local-market pricing to help you grow your private cloud, and quickly connect to the public cloud, confidently, and efficiently.

We also provide customizable space, power, and connectivity solutions at our global data centers that allow you to maintain and grow your IT or private cloud infrastructure in highly reliable, scalable facilities.

You can count on it. In fact, a recent article published on FierceTelecom.com confirms that “data centers are a key part of AT&T’s cloud services strategy” and the company is “investing in its data centers. . . particularly as new technologies like network functions virtualization and software-defined networking spool up.”

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