4 tips to gaining a social following #LikeABoss

Learn how to tune into prospective followers to market your business to even more people

by AT&T Business Editorial Team

Congrats, you’ve done it. Your business is on the right social media outlets and you’re posting away, hopefully #LikeABoss. But no matter how many relevant hashtags you use, or how many amazing deals you’re announcing, the followership just isn’t there, or it’s stagnant.

It’s not them, it’s you. Sorry. But the good news is that unlike the person with the bad attitude in an awful relationship, you can change – for the better. Read up on these four tips below and make sure you’ve got all the boxes checked. Then let the followers follow, follow and follow some more.

1. Pump up your profile

This requires zero weights, or any exercise, really. As far as science goes, no evidence has been found that social media profiles have muscles. However, you can make sure yours are as beefed up as possible. That helps ensure all the information is there and easily readable for your followers: things like your address and phone number, or upcoming events (Facebook is especially useful for this).

What’s more, you’ll need to let prospective followers across multiple avenues know your business is on social. Put an Instagram tab on your Facebook page if that makes sense for you, place social icons on your business’s website or blog, and even put up signage in store to let your customers know where you are virtually.

2. Content is king

You’ll find plenty of “rules” to follow regarding the type of content you should be posting. There’s the 80/20 rule, even the 70/20/10 rule – and let’s not get started on the 3.14159 rule – just kidding. But forget the numbers, just know this: Most of your posts should be helpful, entertaining and relevant, and a minimal amount should be self-promotion.

In addition, use eye-catching images or videos, and focus on evergreen content. That way, new followers can keep scrolling through to always find valuable content from your business.

3. Engage when it makes sense

If you’re feeling confident in your business’s voice, or feel like your already existing followers want to talk, engaging with them could help garner meaningful conversations. That leads to more content on your end, and opens up the door for more people to follow you who want in on these conversations. If anything, it doesn’t hurt to send quick “thank-you” responses to nice comments your followers leave.

4. Balance paid and organic content

Unfortunately, a lot of your organic content (posts your business makes that are not paid for) won’t be seen. That’s because the algorithms on certain social networks are focused on the user experience, not the content-pushers. The good news is that it’s relatively cheap to boost your organic posts or take out in-feed advertisements. Facebook is an extremely useful tool for this – if you haven’t yet, check out this #LikeABoss article that helps you make sense of Facebook advertising.

You should be feeling pretty good about your impending social following about now. Just know that while it’s slow to grow in the beginning, your follower base can grow exponentially – and if you stay in tune to their expectations, your business will produce much-loved social feeds.

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