4 tips for advertising #LikeABoss through Facebook

Using Facebook ads effectively can help you get the most out of your budget

by AT&T Business Editorial Team

When your business makes a Facebook post with no money behind it, it’s about the equivalent of yelling into a school’s hallway during recess. But if you were to fuel your message with a little bit of spending and Facebook’s amazing targeting prowess, it would be the equivalent of reaching out directly to the kids on the soccer field about your newest batch of shin guards.

Facebook is special because it can target the exact audience you want to reach at a reasonable price. While it also offers in-depth explanations of all its advertising options, you can sift through here, you’ll need to figure out which options would work best for your business. So before you start spending your hard-earned money, use these four tips below to help guide your next Facebook marketing move.

1. Don’t log in to Facebook – yet

There’s a bit of reflection to be had regarding your business and its customers before you start advertising. Otherwise it’s like skydiving with just the backup parachute – you’ll probably be fine, but it’s also probably not worth the risk.

Consider your audience, your budget and your campaign/ad in general. Figuring out all these things will help you determine what type of ad and timeline will work best for your business. If you audience consists of university students, you probably don’t want to spend the ad dollars on them while they’re gone for the summer. And if you’re having a one-day sale, you might want to run a campaign the week leading up to that day, versus day-of.

2. Log in, but do not pass “Go”

There are three categories of ads you can choose from on Facebook:Awareness, consideration and conversion. This is where you decide the action you’d want your audience to take. And if you’ve gotten a good idea from the above tip, then this decision will be easier to make.

Awareness: You want your audience to know about a certain product or service.

Consideration: You want people intrigued about your business in general.

Conversion: You want your audience to click through to make a purchase.

3. Display away

If this is your first rodeo, it might be best to start out with the single image display option for now. That way, you can focus more on your messaging and targeting, and less on trying to cobble together a video or a bunch of images. But your image must still be eye-catching. Check out these #LikeABoss insights here on how you can take amazing photos with your smartphone.

4. Choose your target wisely

Remember earlier when you had to decide on your target audience? This is where those thoughts really come in handy. Contrary to wanting to target everyone, everywhere, Facebook works best when you find your niche base – but don’t go too small. Just like Goldilocks, you’ll need to find the size that works just right. Check out this article that goes more in depth.

Now you’re advertising on Facebook #LikeABoss. But don’t forget about the next step: testing and analyzing results. As absolutely exciting as it sounds, tracking your results will give you insights into how you can improve your ROI. And over time, this process will help your Facebook ads become more cost-effective and work harder for your business.