Healthcare insights: New research reveals the state of digital transformation

Industry execs expect 5G to have a major impact on the patient experience

by Joe Drygas, Vice President, Global Business, Healthcare, AT&T Business

Perhaps no other industry has been as severely impacted by COVID-19 as healthcare.

The pandemic caused a significant disruption to the industry’s clinical and business operations and greatly accelerated the adoption of technology across the continuum of care.

By investing in digital technologies, healthcare organizations can enhance communication and collaboration among caregivers, improve the overall patient experience, and efficiently deliver care to patients outside traditional healthcare facilities.

While many organizations understand the need to blend physical capabilities with digital technologies, the constant evolution of technology makes choices more complicated. How can you be sure that your digital solutions will work for your specific clinical and operational needs?

That’s why we’ve partnered with the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) to survey its members on the state of digital transformation in healthcare. Through this report, you will learn how C-suite leaders at healthcare organizations across the country view the state of their digital transformation and their top priorities and challenges for the months and years ahead. We hope this resource provides additional insights to help make your digital transformation journey successful.

Key insights:

  • Digital transformation in the industry is well underway: 89% of respondents said they had fully executed some or all of their digital transformation projects.
  • Improving care quality and patient experience are the major drivers: 46% said improving patient outcomes and overall quality of care was the No. 1 objective.
  • Industry executives are generally pleased with the results of their efforts: 92% of their initiatives were very or somewhat effective. 
  • Challenges still exist that could jeopardize further progress: 28% said a lack of unified vision or strategy in their organizations was the top challenge that affects the patient experience.
  • Improving the patient experience with technology is proving to be difficult—and executives are looking for help from 5G: 34% said improving the patient and guest experience is the challenge they are struggling the most to solve with technology, and 30% said 5G will have the biggest impact on in-facility patient experience over the next 1-3 years.
  • Virtual care remains a top priority moving forward: 22% said they were most interested in telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions over the next 1-3 years.

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