Improve store experiences through inventory control

Today’s omnichannel shopping behaviors drive a need for full visibility and access to inventory

by AT&T Business Editorial Team

In this series, we explore how brick-and-mortar is more relevant than ever. As customers are using the physical store as an extension of their digital journeys, retailers are required to not only implement increasingly sophisticated digital solutions, but in many cases, re-design all or part of their stores and retrain employees to enable these new capabilities. In this blog, we examine how the store experience is driven by product availability.

As stores continue to expand their fulfillment options to accommodate for BOPIS (buy online, pick up in-store), and online order shipping and delivery, inventory visibility across the value chain is critical. Emerging technologies, such as IoT, AR and VR, show great promise for managing inventory challenges and improving merchandising strategies.

Top tech investments for product availability

  • According to our Renaissance of the Store study, available in full here, 68% of retailers are looking to invest in IoT to improve store experiences through better merchandising and inventory control.
  • Additional investment areas include providing mobile inventory lookup for associates and customers and utilizing RFID for inventory management.


Retailers in real life

  • A worldwide chain of shoe and accessories stores is streamlining ship-from-store orders through near-real-time analytics-based visibility into inventory in the supply chain.
  • A luxury brand department store plans to focus on accelerating inventory turns, to strengthen assortment, and to improve in-store product display as part of its strategic priorities for fiscal 2018-19.

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