How American Airlines pilots are traveling light

by The AT&T Business Editorial Team

Take a look at Flight Radar and you'll see at any given moment there are about 5,000 commercial airplanes in the sky over just the United States alone.

That’s a lot of passengers shuttling about for business and personal travel, with everyone expecting to arrive safely and on time (if not 10 minutes early). And that’s a lot of responsibility for pilots, who used to have to carry a suitcase loaded with 40 pounds of paper to get their jobs done.

But thanks to powerful connectivity through the AT&T network, pilots can now carry all the data they need in an “electronic flight bag” on a tablet, including radar, schedules, flight charts, manuals, and other FAA-required information.

Watch the video above to see American Airlines pilot Jennifer Ewald take you inside the daily life of a pilot. She shows you how the electronic flight bag has changed the game, making sure things move more smoothly for both pilots and passengers.

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