AT&T Tech Report Infographic
The Intelligent Business: Transportation

How transportation
firms can
drive network


As transportation firms focus on
deploying new technologies
across their business, they
will need advanced network
to support those
technologies. Many firms,
however, remain unclear
about the right network
modernization path.

Five lessons from our research
can provide guidance to IT
leaders in the industry as they
take the first steps toward
modernizing their networks:

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Modernize today

Transportation firms have ambitious plans for future digital development, but
many IT leaders have doubts about their network’s ability to support them

Modernize today

Just 1 in 10

(9%) of IT executives are
confident their existing networks
can adequately support AI use cases;
less than 1 in 5 (16%) are confident
about robotics use cases

Doubts also exist about more established technologies: under half (46%)
deem network support adequate for IoT use cases, and


(35%) say it’s adequate for those
based on big data and analytics

Invest to be ready
Modernize today Modernize today

Build a roadmap

Many transportation IT leaders have yet to develop a clear strategy
to guide network modernization

Build a roadmap

A majority have plans
to deploy intelligent
infrastructure: edge
computing will be
part of nearly 2 in 3
(62%) in
the next 3 years, and

Nearly one-third

(31%) have yet to develop a clear
roadmap to guide modernization

Nearly one-third
Build a roadmap

Harness open innovation

Transportation firms plan to harness open innovation such as data sharing
through APIs; yet will their networks enable them to take full advantage?

Making use of external
will be a major
focus for 8 in 10 (80%) of
IT leaders in the industry

Harness open innovation

At the same time, open
network architectures

are an investment priority for

Less than 1 in 5


Harness open innovation
Be ready for open innovation

Prepare for a power surge

Computing-power needs are growing: deployment of more bandwidth
and data-intensive technologies are likely to generate greater pressure
on networks, which must be able to cope with the power needs.
But many transportation companies are not planning for it.

Over half

(54%) expect computing-power
demands on their network to
in the next 3 years, but
a significant number—45%—
expect no change

Don’t underestimate computing power needs
Prepare for a power surge<

Strike the right security balance

Valid concerns about cybersecurity must not straitjacket companies
in their efforts to modernize their networks


(66%) of IT executives view cybersecurity
concerns as a major barrier
to network
transition to intelligent infrastructure

Strike the right security balance

Intelligent infrastructure can help address concerns; over half (52%)
see centralization of security as a top benefit of SD-WAN

Strike the right security balance