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The Malibu Hindu Temple’s remote location in the rugged Santa Monica Mountains had frustrated efforts to add internet connectivity. When COVID-19 forced the temple to stop offering live services, they needed to solve their connectivity issues. 


Live streaming services to Hindu congregation during COVID-19

  • Challenges 

    Internet service providers were unwilling to install internet connectivity to such a remote, mountainous location. The problem became critical when COVID-19 made it impossible for the temple’s devotees to attend services in person.

  • Results

    The Malibu Hindu Temple is now able to live stream worship services, classes, and festivals. In addition, devotees can now support the temple online, which helps make up for the contributions it has lost since the pandemic forced the end of live services.

  • Solution

    AT&T Dedicated Internet provides connectivity that is not shared by other organizations. It’s like having a private fast lane for data. Equal upload and download speeds support critical, enterprise-grade applications.

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A miracle for the faithful: dedicated internet to the temple’s doorstep

About Malibu Hindu Temple

Built in 1981, Malibu Hindu Temple is one of the largest temples in the Western hemisphere. Its congregation includes 6,000 followers of Hinduism in Southern California, and it has distinctive architecture that draws visitors, tourists, and filmmakers.

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