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When COVID-19 struck Northern California, Enloe Medical Center in California and AT&T collaborated to quickly equip and launch a temporary hospital facility. Enloe got the assistance they needed when AT&T worked around the clock to help Enloe IT teams get solutions up and running fast. 


Enloe Medical Center and AT&T work together to quickly install networking services

  • Challenges

    A California community medical center, Enloe Medical Center, serves Butte County and California's North State. They needed to pivot quickly to respond to the pandemic by setting up a new facility for temporary use.

  • Results

    With AT&T solutions, this California hospital was able to set up a 290-bed facility to accommodate patients and help improve their quality of care during the pandemic’s early days. AT&T helped quickly install the networking services and solutions.

  • Solution

    AT&T Switched Ethernet Service connected the new location to the hospital’s core Ethernet network. To ensure redundancy, AT&T added a backup mobility solution using Cradlepoint wireless routers and AT&T LTE service.

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About Enloe Medical Center

COVID-19 required many businesses to pivot quickly. Enloe Medical Center in Chico serves the people of Butte County and California's North State. Enloe needed to open a temporary medical center as disaster response to handle expected patient surge.
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