Remote healthcare

As the COVID-19 outbreak spread, people were advised to avoid crowded medical facilities. Constant Companion wanted to help by extending its Q Tablet Telehealth initiative, which provides easy online access to telemedicine providers. 


Supplementing home care with a digital voice assistant and smart-home system

  • Challenges

    Constant Companion required a network provider with the reach, reliability, and security to enable patients to consult with their doctors without leaving the safety of their homes.

  • Results

    Clients can use Constant Companion’s high-speed Q Tablet for Telehealth to consult with doctors via video house calls. In addition to helping to protect their own health, patients who use the service will also be helping others through physical distancing.

  • Solution

    Platforms for IoT helped Constant Companion develop and scale quickly and provided an easy, fast way to manage their IoT connections.

AT&T Solutions

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Protecting nursing home residents and other seniors during COVID-19

Tablet being held with medical professional on tablet screen talking to the person holding the tablet.

About Constant Companion

Constant Companion uses voice and video technology to support the safety and health of older adults. They eliminate the need for wearable medical-device necklaces that summon help, and they also enable remote healthcare.
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