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The COVID-19 outbreak affected Arcadis’s operations in China well before most of the rest of the world had ever heard of the disease. To prepare for its employees to work from home, Arcadis had to upgrade the capacity of its remote-access platforms.


Supporting the continued health of Arcadis’s employees and business

  • Business needs

    As COVID-19 advanced through Asia, Arcadis needed applications, server, and bandwidth upgrades in days—rather than the months usually required—to support the region’s working from home. 

  • Results

    VPN tunnels to the cloud have allowed Arcadis an alternative method of accessing virtual desktop services. Because they added significant bandwidth and concurrent user capacity, Arcadis has provided for  the spike in user traffic.

  • Solution

    Upgraded management and analytics platforms, new AT&T VPN tunnel installation to the cloud, and bandwidth upgrades. Arcadis also uses local-and wide-area network solutions, remote-access capabilities, and enhanced cybersecurity.


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About Arcadis

The multibillion-dollar design and consultancy corporation, founded in the Netherlands in 1888, uses technology in new ways to increase its effectiveness in working with partners to enhance sustainability and the environment.

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