Groundbreaking assistive technology for blind people increases mobility and independence.



Connecting the blind and visually impaired with a network of certified agents who can see their environment in near-real time

  • Business needs

    A way to remove barriers faced by blind and low-vision people.

  • Business value

    People with visual impairments can live with greater confidence and independence.

  • Networking solution

    Reliable wireless connectivity empowers blind people by delivering contextual information that helps them navigate their world.


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Blending wearable tech and AI to help the blind and visually impaired


About Aira

Aira develops transformative remote assistive technology that connects blind and visually impaired people with a network of certified agents who can see their environment in near-real time. Aira’s breakthrough platform blends wearable technology, dedicated connectivity, and human-assisted artificial intelligence to give blind and visually impaired clients information about their surroundings quickly and efficiently. AIRA agents serve as visual interpreters, helping blind people accomplish a wide range of daily tasks and activities.
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