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Ignite customer engagement with powerful digital solutions

Ignite customer engagement with digital solutions

In today’s competitive environment, retailers must outpace consumer demand for seamless shopping experiences by implementing digitally driven engagement strategies to reach tech-savvy shoppers. AT&T digital solutions help retailers deliver the convenient, connected, and engaging experiences customers expect, while creating efficiencies and boosting brand loyalty in new ways.

Transforming the retail environment

The digital shopping experience starts before customers walk into your store. Connected shoppers browse social media, email, and mobile applications for product information, special offers, store details, reviews, and payment functions. Customers want Wi-Fi at retail. And retailers have the opportunity to boost engagement by pushing promotions and streaming content through digital signage.

Retailers are adapting to digital trends by creating high-tech shopping experiences that encourage customers to connect to brands in new ways. For example, interactive catalogs make products more available. Quick-service restaurants can change menu items “on the fly,” and diners can order and pay using touch-screen technology and mobile POS systems. Sales forces can use mobile devices to mingle with customers while checking inventory or processing payments.

Digital technology can transform almost any retail environment and reach customers wherever they are shopping.

Digital shopping experience

Digital experience

Why go digital?

Why go digital?

  • Enhance the in-store experience for customers
  • Drive engagement via digital signage, message boards, and touchscreens featuring chat and video
  • Boost brand loyalty by offering customers highly reliable and highly secure Wi-Fi
  • Enable sales forces to move the floor with mobile POS, offering customers better service while connecting staff to internal systems
  • Differentiate services for high valued customers
  • Change menu items in near real-time
  • Simplify self-serve transactions such as ordering and paying
  • Streamline operations, maximize efficiencies, and more


AT&T Digital Retail Solutions
Engage customers

Engage customers via rich content on digital signage and interactive displays

Support and empower

Support and empower associates with mobile POS

Increase foot traffic

Increase foot traffic with targeted digital messaging

Boost engagement

Boost engagement with customizable guest Wi-Fi, apps, and landing pages

Keep customers aware

Keep customers aware of trends and markdowns

Push promos

Push promos to customized Wi-Fi landing page or app

Offer shoppers

Offer shoppers a virtual and interactive catalog of items, to select and share by e-mail, and to buy

Provide a virtually seamless experience

Provide a virtually seamless experience from in-store to online content delivery on mobile devices

Connect and engage


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