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Increasing engagement for financial services

The digital shift has disrupted what customers expect from financial service providers. Customers now want innovative tools to manage their finances online as well as highly personalized services from their local branch offices.

Revitalize customer engagement with integrated solutions from AT&T. Inspire fresh loyalty by leveraging the highly secure, highly reliable AT&T network underneath industry-leading technologies like digital signage, interactive kiosks, virtual tellers, and video chat. Deploy new solutions globally more quickly with Software-Defined Networking (SDN), as well as massive point-of-sale connectivity across the AT&T LTE footprint, now covering more than 400 million people in North America. AT&T also delivers intuitive tools to help you understand your network traffic, foundational for collecting consent-based, aggregate data about your visitors.

Revitalize customer engagement with integrated solutions from AT&T

Digital transformation strategies

Branch offices remain strategic assets for delivering high-value consultative services, yet brick-and-mortar locations can be significant cost drivers for financial companies. Digital transformation strategies can help reduce physical footprint and redefine marketing, shifting the focus from cost control to exciting new areas of revenue growth.

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1. Mobility

Develop and manage content and apps that can help control costs, improve back office efficiency, and optimize reach to employees and customers.

2. Digital signage

Help drive awareness and engagement, quickly respond to product and market adjustments, and cater to preferences, geographic, availability, and demographic data.

3. Interactive kiosk / ATM

Virtual agents can more efficiently expand non-traditional sites and help scale interactions tailored to individual behaviors and preferences at digital self-serve centers.

4. Landline texting

Existing toll-free and landline numbers can send and receive texts with the same familiar interface already popular with employees and customers.

5. Business Wi-Fi / Guest Wi-Fi

Get valuable customer insights for targeted messaging and customer service optimization in near real-time.

6. Highly secure global network

Activate the transformational combination of connectivity, mobility, and threat management on the highly secure, highly reliable AT&T network.

Benefits of digital transformation

wallet share

Wallet share

Engagement messaging can cross-promote other products to help maximize revenue

customer loyalty


Beacon, QR code, email, and digital survey technology helps facilitate the most relevant conversations

streamline operations


Data-driven, evidence based decisions help you streamline operations



Highly secure, scalable connections help protect corporate and customer data

Connect and engage


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