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Network Security Alerts

One of the biggest challenges network administrators face is paring down the volumes of available network monitoring data to the critical, comprehensive information they need to act upon.

By identifying and letting you know about potential threats on the public Internet at large, AT&T security alert service can be your early warning system for threats that could impact your network. You can calmly address an attack before it reaches your network, rather than responding to it after damage has already been inflicted.

Benefit from in-depth analysis of malicious traffic

To help predict and prevent malicious traffic -- such as viruses, worms and distributed denial of service attacks -- from infiltrating your network, AT&T:

  • Pulls information from the extensive AT&T IP backbone and other Internet security resources
  • Performs real-time examination of over 2.5 petabytes of daily network traffic
  • Identifies potential Internet attacks in their early stages to help prevent your exposure

Stay informed with security alerts

Our advanced intelligence gathering helps keep you up-to-date on malicious activity and can recommend actions to help prevent intrusions. AT&T security alert service:

  • Informs you about near real-time intrusions and attacks on the Internet that could impact your network
  • Delivers notification of alerts and advisories via a portal, email or text message
  • Provides customized views into detailed traffic analysis data and security information relevant to your network, via the web-based Information Security Portal
  • Recommends actions to consider and how to do so
  • Informs you of current software patches and updates to help increase security

Be more proactive, less reactive with security alerts

AT&T security alert service can help you:

  • Benefit from the network visibility and resources of AT&T to get the most relevant threat information in the shortest amount of time
  • Be more aware of potential threats inside and outside your corporate network
  • Take proactive actions to get out of a time-consuming and disruptive “firefighter” mode
  • Fortify your defense-in-depth strategy with an additional defensive layer of network security

Enhance your alert protection with AT&T security experts

In addition to the security portal that comes with Private Intranet Protect, you can augment your service with Enhanced Private Intranet Protect. With this enhanced service, AT&T security experts and analysts will:

  • Help define security policies, rules and configurations
  • Set up group notifications
  • Provide proactive monitoring and alert notifications
  • Provide 24x7 support

Raise Awareness for Internet and Intranet Threats

While AT&T Internet Protect® analyzes and provides alerts for malicious traffic identified on the Internet, you can opt for further protection with Private Intranet Protect, which analyzes and provides alerts for malicious traffic on your VPN.

AT&T Internet Protect

Internet Protect provides visibility into what's happening in your specific IP address space. Designed for organizations that depend largely on the public Internet as their primary WAN communications platform, this fully managed service sends you alerts and notification of threats detected on the AT&T backbone which are targeted at your network.

AT&T Internet Protect:

  • Analyzes your network traffic patterns over a period of time
  • Sends alerts for traffic when they vary from your established traffic baselines
  • Provides traffic analysis reporting, which can help you define a network profile for network architecture decisions
  • Identifies potential Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks by analyzing your NetFlow data
  • Requires no additional hardware or software
  • Is available to AT&T Managed Internet Service (MIS) and AT&T Global Managed Internet Service customers

AT&T Private Intranet Protect

A fully managed service, Private Intranet Protect works in conjunction with AT&T Internet Protect to identify and analyze threats within your AT&T virtual private network (VPN) service. Designed for enterprises that rely on an AT&T Internet or MPLS VPN as their primary WAN communications platform, this service identifies threats that have penetrated your network perimeter or were launched from an internal source.

By analyzing your VPN traffic, this service helps detect the following threats before they have a chance to damage your network:

  • Worms/scanning
  • Zero day events (attacks that exploit software vulnerabilities that are too new to be well-publicized)
  • Dark address space activity
  • Denial of service attacks
  • Protocol misuse
  • Global security threats
  • Phishing attacks

AT&T Distributed Denial of Service Defense Service

AT&T security alerts keep your security administrators informed of relevant threats and anomalies - which will require action or remediation. If you prefer AT&T to mitigate the risks of a DDoS attack on your behalf, consider AT&T Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Defense service. AT&T DDoS detects and mitigates DDoS attacks. When the detector identifies a DDoS attack, an alarm is sent to both an AT&T operations center and to you notifying you of the detected attack.

Getting Started with AT&T Security Alert Service

Begin with a risk analysis

To help you get the most from AT&T security alert service, AT&T security consulting experts can:

  • Perform a risk analysis
  • Assist you in creating custom security policies to meet your security and compliance needs
  • Design an alert system to help reduce your security risks and respond to appropriate threats

Initiate your AT&T security alert service

AT&T Internet Protect® is an information Security Portal. AT&T Private Intranet Protect Service offers information regarding potential near real-time intrusions and attacks that are occurring. To initiate access to AT&T Internet Protect, supply AT&T with the IP address range you would like monitored for alerting purposes.

For AT&T Private Internet Protect, if you plan on having AT&T manage your routers, simply order the service and AT&T will coordinate all aspects of the turn-up.

If you are managing your own routers, you will need to redirect NetFlow traffic to AT&T security data collectors. AT&T performs traffic analysis in our infrastructure, and provides alerts and reporting via a portal.

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  • AT&T Private Intranet Protect
  • AT&T Private Intranet Protect

    AT&T Private Intranet Protect provides threat analysis and notification inside and outside your private network.
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  • AT&T Private Intranet Protect

    Private Intranet Protect, an option of AT&T Internet Protect®, is a fully managed Internet security service designed to analyze traffic on your VPN to detect intrusions, cyber attacks and other potentially threatening identified anomalies.

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  • Receive alerting and notification of outside threats and identify and analyze threats within your AT&T VPN.
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