Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

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Thwart DDoS attacks before they reach your network

Today’s Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) are scaling in size and are capable of clogging the network with over 40GB of traffic.

AT&T DDoS Defense blocks and removes malicious traffic before it reaches your network to help thwart attacks -- regardless of size -- and keep business and revenue streams flowing. And all with the simplicity of a cloud-based solution.

AT&T DDoS Defense: Allowing clean traffic in, keeping malicious traffic out

With years of experience monitoring network traffic, AT&T is uniquely qualified to provide you with DDoS protection. Our security and network organizations work as a cohesive unit against threats to send only clean traffic to your site, as we:

  • Detect the presence of an identified DDoS attack
  • Block malicious packets in real-time, while allowing the flow of legitimate business traffic
  • Stop denial of service traffic floods within the AT&T network, before they can choke your private network
  • Notify you that attacks are occurring
  • Apply proactive, not reactive, measures against malicious intruders and unauthorized activities

Avoid on-premises DDoS mitigation costs

Battling multi-vector denial of service attacks requires a full array of mitigation tools and security expertise, which could cost you millions to set up internally. As the network service provider delivering and managing your network traffic, and the owner and manager of the security infrastructure, AT&T can help you:

  • Tap into a ready-made DDoS prevention environment to reduce CapEx
  • Reduce labor costs with the support of more than 1,500 security experts in our Security Operation Center, who defend DDoS attacks every day
  • Avoid "false positive" alerts that add to the cost and workload of internal staffs

Reduce bandwidth needs with cloud-based DDoS defense

Monitoring, analyzing and correlating security events requires large amounts of extra bandwidth. Instead of paying for that bandwidth capacity yourself, it may be more cost effective to turn over DDoS protection to AT&T. We can:

  • Manage capacity-heavy DDoS protection in the AT&T network backbone
  • Help avoid additional bandwidth costs each month just to accommodate "bad" traffic
  • Provide flexible usage-based pricing tiers, based on hours of mitigation activity

DDoS in Action

AT&T DDoS Defense can help you stop attacks before they reach your network. Here are a few ways a proactive approach to DDoS protection can help:

Defend your content delivery network with DDoS Protection

If you use a content delivery network (CDN), know this: In addition to DDoS attacks on origin servers in a data center, hackers are targeting the proxy servers spread across locations on the CDN. That’s why you need AT&T DDoS Defense with KONA Site Defender. AT&T DDoS Defense works with our Kona security product to help:

  • Extend protection from origin servers to edge servers
  • Mitigate DDoS attacks before they penetrate the CDN
  • Proactively monitor and assist in protecting CDN-related properties
  • Simplify CDN security with a cloud-based service

Simplifying DDoS Defense

AT&T provides a one-stop-shop for network service delivery and DDoS defense to simplify threat protection. This includes:

  • A technical design expert to plan a DDoS solution that aligns with your internal security policies, is in tune with your business needs, and meets your reporting requirements
  • Setting up for your AT&T DDoS Defense service, including testing before going live
  • Customized support services, including two yearly mitigation tests to verify operations

DDoS Support: Flexible remediation options

AT&T supports your service in an individualized, flexible way to meet your needs. AT&T can take immediate action on an anomaly we discover, or simply contact you to receive remediation direction before we take action.

Customers can open trouble tickets by sending an email to threat@att.com or by calling
800-727-2222 / 919-474-1505, Prompt: 8.

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  • AT&T DDoS Defense with KONA Site Defender
  • AT&T DDoS Defense with KONA Site Defender

    AT&T DDoS Defense with KONA Site Defender service can extend protection from origin servers to edge servers for a comprehensive, multi-level approach to security.
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  • AT&T DDoS Defense

    Stop denial of service attacks from taking your network down with AT&T DDoS Defense.

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Case Studies



  • DDoS Support in the AT&T SOC

    DDoS attacks are getting larger and can shut down your network.  Use AT&T DDoS Defense to help thwart malicious traffic before it reaches your network.

    Video | [4:38]
  • DDoS Defense

    See how AT&T DDoS Defense can protect you from attacks.

    Video | [3:06]


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    AT&T DDoS Defense blocks malicious packets while allowing legitimate business traffic to access your mission critical applications allowing you to be proactive versus reactive in helping protect your network against malicious intruders and unauthorized activities.

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