Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) and Broadband

Cost-effective, high-speed connectivity for your business.

AT&T’s Digital Subscriber Line service (DSL) offers highly secure, high-speed, cost-effective business Internet connectivity over existing landlines – without interrupting voice services. Choose AT&T as your Broadband Internet Services Provider, and:

  • Enjoy a single point of contact for your business’ connectivity needs
  • Access the Internet and your Intranet
  • Stream audio and video and transfer large amounts of data
  • Provide access to remote workers
  • Select speed options and configurations

Flexible options for growth with AT&T Business DSL

Order added services a la carte or select a bundle for extra value, and stay connected to the information, content and data you need, no matter where work takes you. Consider AT&T DSL for:

  • Broadband Internet connectivity for your office locations
  • Nationwide reach over the AT&T IP backbone
  • Global Access via the AT&T network

Extend your reach with AT&T DSL add-ons

Choose value added services with your AT&T Business DSL connection to mobilize your workforce. AT&T Business DSL performs with additional services to give you a highly reliable connection, wherever you or your employees need it. These services include:

Home office/small office solutions

AT&T Business DSL offers options to give your business the capabilities you need at a great value.

  • Access your AT&T Business DSL from remote or home offices
  • Connect your offices to one or multiple computers via wired or wireless access, from one location to multiple branches nationwide

Business Application Support

AT&T Business DSL offers options in speeds and configurations that can help your business-critical applications can deliver at top performance. AT&T Business DSL provides:

  • The bandwidth to support services such as data backup and teleconferencing
  • Dynamic sharing of bandwidth between voice and data, helping you save bandwidth and money
  • Ability to provide internet access at sites without voice services, if needed

AT&T Business DSL offers solutions to raise the reach, reliability and quality of access to the Internet, nationwide for all your company’s locations. AT&T Business DSL provides service across multiple technologies: IPDSL/vDSL, ADSL and SDSL to deliver connectivity across multiple technologies depending on availability at your location.

AT&T Business DSL offers:

  • SLAs for all service options
  • High performance on the AT&T IP backbone
  • Installation in as few as four business days
  • Dedicated 24x7/365 customer care
  • A single point of contact for billing inquiry, service enablement, and service assurance
  • Consolidated billing even if you have multiple sites
  • High-bandwidth internet access at a lower cost than T1-based access
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