AT&T Wi-Fi-Small Site

Support customers and employees with user-friendly, reliable Wi-Fi

AT&T Wi-Fi-Small Site: powerful connectivity in a user-friendly package

Equip your business with enterprise-grade connectivity. AT&T Wi-Fi-Small Site is an intuitive, plug-and-play solution that provides free Wi-Fi for customers, plus a highly private and secure connection for employees. With Wi-Fi-Small Site, you can:

  • Create public and private Wi-Fi access in minutes
  • Encourage longer customer stays
  • Support critical business processes with dependable wireless connectivity
  • Keep business and customer traffic separate and highly secure
  • Set guidelines for public Wi-Fi traffic with customizable URL filtering

Fast Wi-Fi setup—right out of the box

AT&T Wi-Fi-Small Site automatically configures your wireless network for public and small group Wi-Fi access. By separating customer and employee traffic, it can help you keep your guests happy and your business highly secure.

Wireless connectivity you can count on

Get the reliability your business demands. AT&T Wi-Fi-Small Site provides optional, automated 4G LTE backup should an interruption in broadband connectivity occur—so you can keep critical, Wi-Fi dependent services running smoothly.

Choose the Wi-Fi solution that fits your business

Seamlessly manage your Wi-Fi network through a user-friendly online portal. AT&T Wi-Fi-Small Site offers two packages with distinct account management and reporting options:

Starter Package

Get business-grade Wi-Fi that’s simple and easy to manage. With the Starter Package, you can:

  • Change your small group Wi-Fi network password
  • Edit the information that appears on your public Wi-Fi sign-on page
  • View the number of users on your public Wi-Fi network

Standard Package

Gain greater insight and control over your Wi-Fi solution. The Standard Package provides all the capabilities of the Starter Package, plus the ability to:

  • Manage public and small group Wi-Fi network names and passwords
  • Create a branded, customer-facing Wi-Fi connection page
  • Supplement small group Wi-Fi with 4G LTE backup connectivity
  • Control user access with advanced URL filtering options
  • View the number, device type and sign-on method of Wi-Fi users on your public network
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