AT&T Multiservice VPN

Wi-Fi for your customers, highly secure connection for you

AT&T Multiservice VPN solution

AT&T Multiservice VPN (virtual private network) offers a powerful hybrid solution for your multisite business. For your customers—free hotspot Internet. For you—highly secure connectivity for your business voice, video, data, and applications. All through the same device.

AT&T Multiservice VPN benefits

Consumers don’t just want complimentary Wi-Fi. They expect it. And they prefer businesses that provide it. The power of AT&T Multiservice VPN delivers Internet to your customers and helps you:

  • Transform your multisite, bricks-and-mortar sites into connected hotspots
  • Connect your business applications over encrypted VPN on the same device
  • Create more in-store promotions and marketing
  • Harvest valuable analytics and gain insight about your customers
  • Foster new interactions and increase touchpoints with your customers

Service highlights

We make Internet access simple. We'll help you put it all together and keep it running smoothly. Tap into our expertise and:

  • Work with our experts to assess, plan, and design your custom multiple-service VPN solution
  • Choose from multiple service levels to fit your business needs and budget
  • Enjoy the easy monitoring and management of your network and security

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Provide remote offices and users with highly secure access to your business network.

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