Broadband VPN Solutions

A versatile way to connect locations together with high speed Internet

Broadband VPN

Broadband VPN service connects two or more locations using high speed Internet access.

The difference between MPLS VPN and Broadband is simple. MPLS is the high-end technology you choose if you run software applications that have low tolerance for latency (data delay). Like video and voice.

If you run applications that aren’t latency-sensitive, setting up a VPN over broadband Internet connections can be a great solution.


Broadband delivers high speeds and many applications run very well over Broadband. We can help you decide which option will help you be the most efficient. These Broadband solutions may make sense for you:

Broadband VPN Advantages

Choose AT&T as your Broadband provider, and:

  • Enjoy a single point of contact for your connectivity needs
  • Stream audio and video and transfer large amounts of data
  • Provide access to remote workers
  • Select speed options and configurations

Service Highlights

Trusted expertise. Global resources. Incredible scalability. AT&T supports your specific needs. In way that’s good for your bottom line.

  • Assessment and design of your Broadband VPN solution
  • Comprehensive testing
  • Management and maintenance of the network
  • Service level agreements that lead the industry

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Broadband VPN Solutions can help improve your bottom line.

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  • AT&T Network-Based IP VPN Remote Access Services (Anira)

    AT&T Network-Based IP VPN Remote Access Services (ANIRA) are designed to provide highly secure access to critical business applications regardless of location, access type or device across a unified global platform – the AT&T Global Network.

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