Network Integration

Evolving with your business

Instead of maintaining resources to plan, deploy and manage infrastructure technology and services, rely on AT&T as a resource to deliver turnkey solutions for integration services and capabilities. With AT&T Network Integration Solutions, we will plan, deploy and manage the integration of services across voice, data and IP infrastructures.

As your integrator, AT&T becomes your general contractor that supplements our leading network services portfolio while integrating technologies and services from other service partners, platform providers and carriers. We deliver the cost effective, vendor neutral solutions that meet your requirements and deliver ongoing technology leadership, resources and global expertise targeted at your specific business challenges.

Benefit from Global Experience and Reach

Create a turnkey approach to global logistics and deployment of mobile, network, cloud, application and connected infrastructure services. With Network Integration from AT&T, you gain access to internationally experienced consultants and world-class business relationships to deliver consistency, ease of use and control over your global network and IT environment. Benefit from:

  • International resources available to visit global locations
  • Understanding of global business environment
  • Integrated global end-to-end services, solutions and support
  • Single point of contact with accountability to mitigate risk and help you deliver better return on investment (ROI) and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) on global investments

Balance Value, Cost and Risk with Network Integration

By offering global, end-to-end, integration solutions and support, AT&T provides a single point of contact and accountability that helps mitigate- risk and provides well managed implementations. Regardless of the business challenge, Network Integration Solutions helps customers impact ROI/TCO and offers enhanced performance, integration, control and security.

With Network Integration Solutions from AT&T, you can:

  • Engage AT&T for services instead of spending dollars hiring employees, educating resources and purchasing equipment
  • Reduce management support risks by relying on globally located experts to implement and manage technology changes

AT&T provides an end to end approach to plan, deploy and manage a comprehensive catalog of integrated services and capabilities. Let our team of experienced global networking experts deliver technology leadership targeted at your unique business challenges to:

  • Provide balance between value, cost and risk
  • Take advantage of the latest thought leadership and best practices for integrating tools and resources to support new technical developments and business strategies.

Integration-as-a-Service Solutions

Our experts provide businesses with access to custom and turnkey solutions for simplifying the process of planning, testing, deploying and managing the integrated services and capabilities into your business infrastructure.

Master Service Integrator platform solutions - Take advantage of AT&T global connections

Our Master Service Integrator platform connects businesses to a rich catalog of resources and services with scale, skill, scope, expertise, and relationships to help simplify the complexities of multi-sourced infrastructures. Our integration-as-a-service process uses the Master Service Integrator platform to provide comprehensive services to meet global infrastructure needs.

AT&T Network Integration: A full-service approach

AT&T provides a full service approach for businesses to plan, deploy and manage a comprehensive catalog of integrated services and capabilities. With constant innovation and expert service tailored to your specific needs, AT&T Network Integration can help provide clarity, security and reliability in global logistics and deployment of mobile, network, cloud, application and connected infrastructure services.

AT&T Network Integration can assist you at any phase of your network evolution. With an emphasis on business growth, innovation and ease of use, AT&T will design and build all or part of your network solution, helping to minimize your risk and to optimize chances for success.

Rely on expert integration resources

As your integrator, AT&T offers a rich catalog of technology solutions, expertise and international resources for businesses looking to grow while streamlining voice, data and IP infrastructures. We can support:

  • Emerging Technologies
  • Multi-carrier Servicing and Management
  • Business Optimization
  • Integration of services due to Merger and Acquisition Activity
  • Network and IT Convergence
  • Outsourcing/Out-tasking
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  • Network Integration Solutions
  • Network Integration Solutions

    By offering integrated, global, end-to-end services, solutions and support, AT&T provides a single point of contact and accountability that mitigates risk and ensures well managed implementations.
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  • Share, Store, Sync, and Secure Data on any Device, Anywhere

    AT&T’s DataAnyplace, powered by Citrix ShareFile, provides a secure and robust enterprise ready follow-me data solution that enables IT to meet the mobility and collaboration needs of all users. DataAnyplace is a powerful service that is simple for IT to implement and manage, requires no additional investment and allows IT to give end users the features they desire with an Enterprise ready cloud storage solution.

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