Managed Internet Service

Dedicated access that keeps you connected

The Internet is one of the most essential tools used by businesses today, providing access to an abundance of resources and leading edge applications. As technology evolves, businesses rely more heavily on the Internet and require higher performance, better reliability and added scalability without sacrificing security and control. AT&T Managed Internet Service provides the most complete business class Internet experience to help your business stay connected. Providing:

  • Broad coverage, available to virtually anywhere in the U.S. and in key countries around the world
  • Flexible bandwidth options that support branch offices to large corporate sites
  • Low latency and high performance for high priority traffic
  • A strong foundation for voice, video and cloud

A reliable, high-bandwidth service

AT&T Managed Internet Service provides the reliability, scalability and performance to support your enterprise Internet connectivity. With AT&T as your Internet service provider, you’ll get:

  • Service on the AT&T core backbone for fast, symmetrical IP access to support the most demanding applications
  • Two access types: Ethernet and Private Line
  • Fast installation at on-net buildings
  • Best in class performance, backed by AT&T Service Level Agreement (SLA) commitments for 100% service availability and 99.95% data delivery for your business high speed internet

Managed Internet Service - Express (Ethernet-based Internet Connection)

Managed Internet Service - Express (MIS Express) provides business-class Ethernet IP speeds to businesses that meet certain location requirements*. MIS Express features:

  • Simple pricing, contracting and ordering processes
  • 30 day installation for qualified locations
  • MIS Express can be bundled with AT&T Voice over IP (VoIP) Service
  • Optional AT&T Managed Internet Service on Demand to quickly add new ports or change service

Respond faster with a new self-service solution

  • Now your Internet access has more customer controlled options with AT&T Managed Internet Service on Demand, a self-service enabled technology. It will give you the control to rapidly provision your managed Internet service.
  • AT&T Managed Internet Service on Demand capability is built on software-defined network (SDN) and virtualization technologies, allowing you to quickly provision and scale your Internet connections in near real time.

*Contact an AT&T representative to find out if MIS Express is available for your business.

Flexible Business Solutions

With the wide variety of AT&T products and services, you can choose additional solutions to enhance the value of Managed Internet Service.

Security You Can Trust

We provide security options to help defend your network against unauthorized connections, allowing you to take advantage of on-line opportunities while reducing the risks of attacks. AT&T offers:

  • Firewall options to help block malicious code, viruses and other intrusions.
  • Enhanced security services to identify and respond to threats including spam, malware and phishing scams that can interrupt business or cause sensitive data to become stolen or lost.

Business Voice Over IP (BVoIP)

Our BVoIP services converge your voice and data on one network using AT&T IP Flexible Reach. BVoIP services can help your business:

  • Decrease total cost of ownership (TCO): Use your existing network, create an on-premises solution or install a new, hosted option.
  • Increase productivity, access and flexibility: Providing integration with smart phones and tablet and laptop computers, BVoIP services can help streamline business communications. BVoIP services allow one number to work, whether an employee is in the office, telecommuting or traveling.
  • Simplify management: Free your internal staff from voice services management with a completely managed AT&T BVoIP solution.
  • Manage multiple offices: BVoIP makes it easier to support multiple locations, even across the globe.
  • Prepare for growth: BVoIP creates a platform for enabling future applications, such as unified communications.

Managed Internet Services (MIS): for powerful performance and productivity

Get a dedicated, fast, symmetrical IP connection to support demanding applications and keep your business connected. Select MIS with AT&T-managed router, or provide and manage your own router, and add options to enhance your business capabilities. AT&T proactively monitors your Internet access around the clock and offers features to help protect your critical business applications.

The AT&T Managed Internet Service provides:

  • A dedicated port into the AT&T fault tolerant 40 Gbps IP Backbone with redundant, multiple ring design which helps deliver superior reliability and protects against a single core backbone point of failure.
  • Fast, symmetrical IP access speeds (1.5 Mbps – 40 Gbps) that provide consistently equal upload and download speeds for high-bandwidth data transfers, no matter how many people are using MIS.
  • Dual Stack provides access to an MIS port that supports both IPv4 and IPv6.
  • 24x7x365 technical support and connection monitoring to help maximize uptime and performance.
  • Option to lease AT&T equipment or provide your own.
  • Usage-based billing plans.
  • Firewall protection is optionally available for customers who select MIS with AT&T Managed Router (45 Mbps and lower.)

Free* Fiber Entrance Facilities (Where Applicable)

For Ethernet Managed Internet Service customers, AT&T will construct an entrance facility for fiber access at eligible customer sites which can be served by an AT&T Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier.

*Available to qualifying customers. Acceptance of Agreement terms required.

Self-service tools

AT&T Managed Internet Service provides a variety of powerful, self-service tools to help you maximize your business potential. Customers can obtain value added support through the AT&T BusinessDirect® Portal, where you can view your bill, submit maintenance requests, determine network utilization statistics, and more.

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  • Managed Internet Service
  • Managed Internet Service

    AT&T Managed Internet Service provides internet access with several options and the reliability you count on.
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  • AT&T Managed Internet Service on Demand

    Respond faster with on-demand capabilities. This ground-breaking network-on-demand capability is built on software-defined and virtualization technologies allowing you to quickly provision and scale your Internet connections.

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Case Studies


  • Network on Demand

    With Network on Demand, you can scale your bandwidth up or down, and switch network services in real time. Choose a network that responds to your business in real time.

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