AT&T Message Archiving™

Highly secure backup and restore SMS and MMS messages

AT&T Message Archiving is a network-based SMS and MMS archiving solution to help customers meet compliance needs.

With AT&T Message Archiving, all SMS and MMS messages placed from or terminating to a provisioned AT&T corporate mobile phone (CRU) are temporarily stored by the network and sent to a storage location that is specified by the customer (on-premises storage) or AT&T Cloud Storage. Messages are also captured when the user is roaming on a covered non-AT&T network.

Customizing the service to your particular specifications is easy. And you can use search capabilities, filtering features and the ability to set up permissions for administrative users.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive from AT&T Message Archiving, the first enterprise-level message archiving service provided by a major U.S. carrier:

Compliance support

Make AT&T Message Archiving an integral part of your company’s compliance program. The service can assist with government and industry regulations for mobile message storage across a variety of industries, including financial services, government, and legal services.

Pinpoint verification

Verify transactions made through SMS and MMS messages. Oversee key information such as policy updates, procedural changes, trades, and much more.

Audit, resolve, and monitor

By tracking SMS and MMS messages, you can get to the bottom of customer complaints with a complete record of messages. With a complete record, you also have a way to identify areas for improvement. AT&T Message Archiving also helps you monitor and evaluate individual and team performance.

Training opportunities

Review and download messages from seasoned and successful employees to guide and train new workers as they come on board. The reporting and filtering feature provides easy access to messages you’ll need for training.

Automatic backup

The days of manual backup are a thing of the past; our service enables you to capture and store messages automatically. Employees can focus on being more productive than they were when they used valuable time backing up their messages.

With AT&T Message Archiving, SMS and MMS message storage and backup can revolutionize the way you handle messages and communications.

Financial services

Brokers in financial services companies can use AT&T Message Archiving to verify trades and other transactions with customers. Insurance agents can use it to check stored messages to validate pre-authorized coverage for a claim.

Government agencies

Improve the ability to comply with Public Records Requests. Public Records Acts often require that the records maintained by state and local agencies be made available to all members of the public, sometimes with narrow exemptions. Public records include emails, text messages, and tweets. We can archive these messages based upon your specifications.

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  • AT&T Message Archiving™ Product Brief
  • AT&T Message Archiving™ Product Brief

    SMS and MMS messages placed from or terminating to a provisioned AT&T corporate mobile phone can be stored temporarily by the network and sent to a storage location specified by the customer.
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