Global Smart Messaging Suite

International Text Messaging, SMS Gateway, and API Solution

AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite: a powerful link to employees and customers.

For enterprises with an international footprint, it can be difficult to keep communication direct, efficient—and most of all—simple. AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite (GSMS) is a comprehensive, web-based messaging solution that’s designed to streamline how your organization reaches employees and consumers worldwide. With GSMS, you can:

  • Use an email and SMS gateway to send and receive messages globally
  • Access GSMS via a user-friendly, cloud-based platform
  • Set user permissions for different employee groups
  • Use short codes to host cross-carrier polls and sweepstakes
  • Monitor message traffic via an admin activity log
  • Communicate via encrypted SMS (within the US)

Integrate GSMS with existing resources.

In addition to global, cross-carrier functionality, GSMS can work with your existing applications and databases. Through developer APIs (HTTP, SMPP, SMTP and WSDL), it integrates virtually seamlessly with your most valuable data—so you can better reach specific groups of employees and customers.

AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite has the reach, customization and security standards that can improve communication in virtually any business. However, it has been widely adopted for its advantages in:

Financial Services

When it comes to messaging solutions, many large enterprises need more than just security. GSMS provides the tools banks and investment firms need to enhance marketing and customer service. With GSMS they can:

  • Integrate GSMS with office applications via APIs
  • Market services to customers through SMS, MMS and email
  • Enable confidential communication with secure SMS between executives
  • Allow customers to check balances and deposits via SMS
  • Send messages securely with token codes


For highly structured organizations, sending and managing targeted messages to multiple groups can be a challenge. GSMS allows government agencies to fine-tune their messaging capabilities, so they can:

  • Empower policy makers with encrypted SMS
  • Broadcast updates to constituents
  • Send notifications about package delivery
  • Distribute information on bus route times
  • Update residents and workers about utility outages


GSMS gives retailers more control over how they drive business through mobile and online channels. It allows them to:

  • Integrate GSMS with opt-in lists to engage with loyal customers
  • Send highly targeted offers to generate sales via SMS, MMS and email
  • Quickly communicate news and information to employees

Flexible international messaging

The strength of AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite lies in its flexibility. You can integrate it seamlessly with your existing IT environment via APIs—or use it as a stand-alone, web-based solution in a variety of areas, including:

  • Workforce management
  • Human resources
  • Shift confirmations and scheduling
  • Employee and customer reminders
  • SMS and email marketing campaigns
  • Surveys and sweepstakes

Beyond its core platform functionality, GSMS supports optional applications for added functionality:

Developer APIs

Enrich your messaging capabilities. APIs enable flexible integration (HTTP, SMPP, SMTP and WSDL) with existing applications, which can be ideal for larger enterprises with structured, highly established IT environments. These API’s allow your applications to integrate with the GSMS email and SMS gateway for local and global communications.

Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager gives you full control over databases for SMS and email marketing and delivers bulk messages to opt-in customers, prospects and staff. It also provides detailed control over responses for SMS polls and competitions.

Inbound and Inbound+

The Inbound application automatically sorts and responds to incoming SMS messages from mobile devices. Inbound+ extends this capability with support for multi-question campaigns, voting and competition drawings.*

*One Inbound user license is included as a standard application in AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite – Corporate.


Reminder helps you keep in touch with your audience. It’s an automated SMS solution that sends messages to patients about upcoming appointments, so you can improve attendance rates and operational efficiency.

Secure SMS (“Cipher”)

Cipher is an encrypted SMS solution that helps safeguard the delivery of short messages to mobile devices. Once employees download and validate the application, they can take advantage of quick, confidential 2-way communication. (Available in the US only)

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  • AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite

    The AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite is a powerful web-based messaging suite of applications designed for business and government communication.
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