NetMotion Mobility from AT&T

Flexible and reliable mobile VPN for highly secure remote access

Mobile workers rely on wireless networks and mobile devices to get work done. They need a quick, stable, and highly secure connection to their office applications.

NetMotion Mobility™ from AT&T provides a flexible and reliable mobile virtual private network (mobile VPN) for remote access.

  • Simplify access. Sign in and smoothly move between cellular, Wi-Fi, and wired networks.
  • Resume activity when the signal is re-established—without losing data or restarting applications
  • Speed up end user adoption with an experience that looks the same on smartphones, tablets, and laptops
  • Increase security. Critical data remains safe behind the firewall.
  • Reduce IT support costs. Simple virtual and automatic software deployment.
  • Monitor network performance and device access with centralized reporting and tracking
  • Identify connectivity, device, network, or server issues

For enhanced diagnostics and troubleshooting, add NetMotion Diagnostics™ from AT&T. Diagnostics can be combined with NetMotion Mobility for a complete remote access and diagnosis solution, or purchased as a standalone solution.

Mobile workers move in, around, and out of buildings and locations. Facing changing levels of network connectivity, they get back to work faster when their mobile VPN connection is reliable and seamless.

Virtual server deployment

  • Install client software virtually to mobile devices
  • Download updates transparently and seamlessly without user intervention

Log in and connect

  • Transition transparently between cellular, Wi-Fi, and wired networks
  • Access public hotspots (where supported, and allowed by the administrator) without disabling the mobile VPN

Increased safety and security

  • Boost security. Includes two-factor security and strong encryption
  • Install and maintain enterprise applications behind your corporate firewall

Configurable access

  • Configure approved applications on trusted wireless networks, including, but not limited to, LTE, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet
  • Set up network, device, and user rules that control access

Network monitoring

  • Identify and resolve issues at the device, network, server, or resource level
  • Boost business intelligence with usage metrics

Centralized management and reporting

  • Monitor application and network use with near real-time system status reports
  • Increase visibility and control over mobile workforce. Advanced analytics based on user, device, network, and applications.

Included modules


Fine-tune your mobile deployment with the Analytics module. Understand how devices are using network resources. Includes alerts about issue that may jeopardize security or hamper worker productivity.

Network Access Control

Extend corporate security policies to your mobile devices with the Network Access Control module. Ensure control over how and when devices connect. Supported only on Microsoft® Windows® laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Policy Management 

Gain control over application, device, and network use with the Policy Management module. Create and enforce security policies based on business needs. Enforce device access rules.

NetMotion Mobility from AT&T and NetMotion Diagnostics from AT&T can meet mobile remote access needs in many different situations.

  • A utility company increases productivity as field workers seamlessly retain network access while roaming between locations
  • A remote salesforce accesses customer information, enters sales data, answers customer questions, and makes the sale—all directly from the customer’s site
  • A city police department remotely troubleshoots issues in the field, keeping officers connected and responsive
  • An IT support team sees a drop in connectivity-related calls after it deploys NetMotion Mobility to the remote workforce
  • Public safety personnel smoothly move between locations and retain connectivity to each other and the office
  • A large bank offers highly secure access and connectivity to its branches and employees

Move beyond trial and error troubleshooting with NetMotion Diagnostics from AT&T. Analyze the connection between the device and the server, pinpoint the problem, and escalate it to IT or the administrator for quick resolution. You can also configure alerts that escalate problems to IT or the administrator.

Problems can arise at any point along the connection. Is it a problem on the device, network, Internet, mobile VPN, firewall, or app server? Quickly pinpoint connectivity issues with NetMotion Diagnostics from AT&T.

  • Identify issues using either the administrative portal on the server (onsite or in the cloud) or use the app on the mobile device
  • Analyze end-to-end performance data: from the device, across cellular and Wi-Fi networks, to corporate and cloud-based servers
  • Avoid costly and time-consuming trial and error troubleshooting
  • Configure proactive alerts that can be sent via email or text (SMS) message to IT or the administrator as issues arise
  • Optimize settings and policies to help address problem areas

Integrate Diagnostics with Mobility for a robust remote access and diagnostics solution. Or purchase it as a standalone diagnostics solution.

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  • NetMotion Mobility from AT&T
  • NetMotion Mobility from AT&T

    Provide exceptional mobile experiences with NetMotion Mobility from AT&T, a leading intelligent VPN solution for secure connectivity and management of mobile deployments.
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  • NetMotion Diagnostics from AT&T

    Using NetMotion Diagnostics from AT&T, you can instantly analyze every data hop between devices and application servers to identify the root cause of the problem.

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