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AT&T Commerce Connect is a complete mobile engagement platform that allows businesses to streamline various types of consumer interactions, from tickets to loyalty cards to coupon offers – all by leveraging smart phone technology.

Commerce Connect - Mobile Consumer Engagement

Enterprises with consumer-focused businesses need robust audience engagement via mobile as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. AT&T Commerce Connect is a feature-rich mobile engagement platform that can help expand and simplify the manner in which you engage your customers. No more bulky gift cards. No more scrambling through inboxes to find coupons. Customers get the content they want with the convenience of mobile technology.

Commerce Connect Features

How can Commerce Connect help companies engage customers through their NFC-enabled smart phones?

  • Make mobile payments through closed loop payment processes
  • Use a coupon
  • Manage your loyalty account info
  • Send targeted marketing offers
  • Engage social media
  • Exchange information with a tap

AT&T Commerce Connect offers the tools that can help take a company's commerce to the next level.

Gifting and Stored Value Accounts

Gift cards and prepaid store accounts are a big part of business today, but consumers are burdened with bulky cards and managing multiple accounts. AT&T Commerce Connect lets users manage multiple accounts through one device and eliminates the need for carrying cumbersome plastic cards. Users can also enjoy the simplicity of using their mobile device to quickly purchase pre-paid virtual cards or send a personalized gift to friends and family virtually anywhere in the world.

  • Send gifts via SMS, email or Facebook
  • Select cards from a company’s virtual card catalog
  • Send gift cards with a personalized message (Happy Birthday, etc.)
  • Send gift cards to a group
  • Receive recipient confirmation
  • Get notifications for un-opened gifts

Loyalty Program Management

Most consumers belong to multiple loyalty programs and have lots of cards in their wallets. They are looking to consolidate that information onto their smart phone for convenience and security. As loyalty programs continue to grow and drive brand allegiance, marketers need to leverage preferences and purchase history to tailor offers and rewards to their customers. AT&T Commerce Connect provides nimble and robust tools that can help businesses optimize their loyalty programs and give customers what they want.

  • Leverage built-in loyalty functionality to create new programs
  • Extend existing reward programs (home-grown or 3rd party) to mobile devices
  • Integrate with gifting and offer modules to deliver tangible rewards based on customer behavior
  • Create add-on programs specifically for mobile device users based on frequency of use and application interaction
  • Allow mobile users to manage loyalty points
  • Notify users regarding loyalty points activity

Streamlined Management of Customer Engagement

Mobile marketing and commerce management can be difficult without the right set of tools. Our Commerce Connect service portal provides an intuitive user interface for non-technical users to create, manage, distribute and provision both NFC and non-NFC mobile commerce services. Its centralized platform functions include:

  • Customer management
  • Resource management
  • Service subscription management
  • User profile management
  • Customer service management
  • Reporting, Dashboard and Analytics

AT&T Commerce Connect provides customer care integration flexibility with a multi-tenant administration and customer care portal which may be leveraged by enterprise customers.

  • Web-based care portal
  • Role-based access control
  • Access to data and functionality with great granularity
  • Ability to integrate into existing customer care solutions by leveraging the External System Interface (ESI) layer
  • Access robust, near real-time, customized reporting capabilities that actively measure ROI of marketing and commerce activity

Commerce Connect at Work

  • Showrooming Prevention - Defend against online retailers by delivering time expiring in-app coupons.
  • Mobile Loyalty - Increase store visits and check size by rewarding customers with points for dollars spent.
  • In Seat Marketing - Drive sales and merchandizing opportunities by sending in-seat marketing tailored to each customer.
  • Direct to Consumer Engagement - Empower CPG brands with specialty apps that connect directly with consumers.

Why AT&T for Mobile Commerce?

AT&T continues to be a recognized leader in mobile applications, mobile platforms and mobile network integration. We are experienced in managing the entire end-user lifecycle – from automating ID management to helping secure access rights and resources. And we manage and make possible the entire mobile connectivity infrastructure, giving us insight into the actual passing of information through the mobile network.

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  • AT&T Commerce Connect

    Commerce Connect Service Portal provides an intuitive user interface for non-technical users to create, manage, distribute and provision both NFC and non-NFC mobile commerce services.
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