Usage-based insurance and telematics

With AT&T Vehicle Solutions, Usage-Based Insurance lets you collect detailed driver data to propel innovation in your business, while also helping your most reliable customers save money by driving more safely.

Using Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and the power of the AT&T wireless network, we can help you pilot a program to gather relevant and actionable driver data, develop new methods for assessing driver risk, change the way you interact with your policy holders, and revolutionize your insurance offerings.


Help improve driver safety with text blocking, geofencing, feedback, and coaching tips.

  • In-vehicle device connector helps improve driver safety

    Intelligent in-vehicle devices connect to the AT&T wireless network so you can provide customized coverage based on driving behavior by capturing detailed driving information:

    • Vehicle info
    • Drive time
    • Location
    • Speed
    • Contextual
Trial program

Start designing a commercial program today that can transform your business. By implementing a 90-day trial of Usage-Based Insurance, you can determine success criteria before the test program begins. We then measure to help you evaluate whether:

  • OBDII device install rate meets or exceeds expectations
  • Logistics, support, packaging, and activation process meet or exceed expectations
  • End-user portal contains relevant customer information, customized for your rollout
  • Data obtained from devices (GPS and accelerometer) is accurate
  • Data can be validated via the API
  • Monthly data usage is within expected parameters
  • Detailed deployment plan for your commercial rollout

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