AT&T Control Center for the Internet of Things

Manage your business with insight about your wireless network

Control Center gives you visibility into the activity and status of your Control Center SIMs on the wireless network. Its powerful and intuitive interface enables your organization to analyze and strategically manage your Control Center connected device deployments to grow and improve your business.

  • Intelligence: Gain strategic insight and manage your business with an unparalleled depth of intelligence into your network of connected devices.
  • Empowerment: Take control over your business processes and optimize operations with robust tools for provisioning, real-time diagnostics and support, usage controls, and more.
  • Automation: Streamline operations, reduce costs, and scale faster with Control Center’s powerful automation engine.

Get answers to IoT and M2M device questions fast

Near real-time diagnostics

  • Is the device on?
  • Is the device communicating?

Notifications and alerting

  • Are usage overages too high?
  • Is the device communicating?

Near real-time provisioning

  • Automated SIM activation
  • Select and change rate plans
  • Set roaming permissions

AT&T Control Center, powered by Jasper, is a sophisticated, cloud-based platform offering powerful capabilities that enable you to launch, manage, and rapidly scale your connected-device business or enterprise deployment.



Optimize your IoT and M2M device initiatives

AT&T Control Center helps accelerate your time to market, run your operations more efficiently, and manage your connected IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) device initiatives. Key features include:

  • SIM management, provisioning, and activation
  • Unparalleled network global coverage
  • Rate plan flexibility
  • Ongoing billing and lifecycle management
  • Scalable platform, managing over 2 billion network events per month
Key features of the AT&T Control Center
  • See your device activity from a single vantage point

    • AT&T Control Center offers a single portal view of your devices on the network
    • Simple access is provided through a web-based user interface or APIs
    • APIs put the data where you need it most – your IT systems
  • Troubleshoot problems instantly

    Run detailed diagnostics on any device, online, and in real time whether on our network or roaming internationally. Check provisioning status, see connection session history, and view connectivity status. Immediately identify connectivity issues and get the information you need to resolve them quickly.

  • Choose commercial and global flexibility

    Reach new markets quickly and easily by choosing a global platform. Select post-paid, prepaid, pooled or individual rate plans. Set high or low usage that varies by geography or type of data traffic. Enable trial services and push offers to end users. It’s your choice!

  • Control costs

    Start with a no-touch activation experience automatically activating your devices on the network as soon as your end users or installers switch them on in the field. Then utilize automated overage controls, notifications, and rules to control costs once your devices are in use. Eliminate manual efforts and use the automation engine in the AT&T Control Center to save time and money.

  • Integrate quickly with your own applications

    Manage your operations more efficiently and control devices directly from your own applications. Use standards-based API messages to access data in the AT&T Control Center. From day one, you will be able to use your own applications to monitor usage, send messages to devices, assign rate pans, get invoice data, and more.

  • Program rules without programming

    Set custom rules easily in the AT&T Control Center. Decide how you want your business run and let the platform do the rest, instantly and automatically.

    It's as simple as 1, 2, 3:
    1. Monitor SIM behavior and other events.
    2. Decide what condition will trigger the rules.
    3. Set an action to run automatically when that condition is met.

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