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Unlock the potential of your applications with Flow Designer, a robust web-based development environment where data-driven applications can be prototyped, built, and deployed with ease.

Flow Designer is:


Prototype your Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M applications using node-based flows and test applications within scalable on-demand compute environments.

  • Pre-configured nodes allow easy access to multiple data sources, cloud services, device profiles, and communication methods
  • Integrations are done for you


Flow Designer nodes are open source and available via GitHub where you can suggest features and contribute your own improvements, giving you the access and flexibility you need.

  • Flows are saved so they can be reused later, reducing development time


  • Built to our exacting requirements that encompass specifications for technology, controls, and processes
  • World-class network services

Leverage powerful node-based flows

Developers of IoT applications can create and deploy complex applications and environments with ease and speed—all from their favorite browsers—using Flow Designer and IoT platform as a service.

  • Leverage powerful, pre-built nodes including MQTT, MongoDB, RabbitMQ and M2X

These IoT services and development environment were built from the ground-up to serve developers a one-stop shop for building IoT applications.

  • Cloud-hosted infrastructure

    • Redundant, reliable, scalable, highly available
    • Run applications on network-grade services
  • Service that grows with you

    • On-demand hosted environments
    • Scale based on your business needs
  • Easy to get started

    • No need for expensive upfront investments
    • Create, deploy, and pay as you go for only what you use
  • Open, standards-based

    • Built on industry-leading open source standards
  • Multiple environments with the click of a button

    • Create, add, change, or delete environments
    • Get the resources you need, when you need them
  • Open source community

    • Share your flows with the community
    • Fork a publicly available flow for use in your project

With Flow Designer, you can:

  • Create your project
  • Test your flow in the sandbox
  • Modify and retest
  • Import flows
  • Fork public projects

Support for IoT protocols

  • UDP
  • TCP
  • MQTT
  • MQ
  • COAP
  • HTTP
  • WebSockets

Expanding library of supported devices

  • 18 hardware platforms
  • 12 software platforms

Connect devices to business systems

  • Ticketing
  • Supply chain
  • CRM
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