Container and trailer tracking and monitoring

Your supply chain in your command

Gain a more complete view of your shipments in transport—from ship to shore, and all the way to delivery. By using AT&T Asset Management for Shipping Containers and Trailers you can track and monitor the location and other vital signs of your assets, helping you to maximize fleet utilization while mitigating risks of loss or damage to your containers and trailers, as well as the goods inside.

By using Internet of Things technologies, we can help you create an intelligent fleet to gain better control over your assets, increase your operational performance, improve quality control, and strengthen your competitive position.


Maintenance-free devices for long-term, remote deployments

Monitoring devices attached to your containers or trailers gather data from an array of sensors that track the condition of the container and contents over the duration of its trip. The collected data is sent to the cloud for viewing from an application that provides alerts and notifications, customizable to support the needs of your business.

  • Small and lightweight
  • Rugged, IP67-rated design with fully sealed, protective case for use in marine and desert environments
  • Rechargeable battery with self-charging or external power source support
  • Physical connection I/Os
  • Over-the-air firmware upgrades

Robust sensor capabilities

  • GPS location
  • Motion
  • Shock
  • Light/darkness
  • Vibration
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Humidity
Our devices gather data on the condition of your shipment during its voyage

Energy harvesting, global 4G monitoring device

  • LTE/HSPA+ Category 4, GPRS Class A, GPS
  • Optional input for analog sensors and ZigBee®
  • Energy harvesting, solar; extended temperature (-40° to 158° F, -40° to 70° C) 10.6Ah lithium Ion battery
  • Magnetic mount, cradle mount, VHB tape
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