Video Management Service

Create, capture and share video communications efficiently across locations and devices.

Video Management Service: enterprise-class tools for live and on-demand video

Enhance your content capabilities. Video Management from AT&T enables your organization to distribute live and on-demand, recorded video to employees, customers and external collaborators—virtually anywhere on IP connected devices.

Create an enterprise video platform for live communication

Video Management Service from AT&T streams live presentations to local and remote users via your internal network or using a highly secure Internet connection. It provides a robust, reliable foundation for hosting:

  • Company-wide town hall meetings
  • Investor or board member meetings
  • Employee training
  • Trade show demonstrations
  • Guest speaker appearance

Capture video for anytime, anywhere access

Keep widely distributed audiences informed and engaged—without the need to hold multiple events. Video Management provides the flexibility to help you record, edit and index a presentation or address for later access through a variety of means, including:

  • Professional production studios
  • Video conferencing platforms
  • Mobile devices
  • Video cameras

Simplify video management and delivery

Bring your media-rich messaging to more locations and devices. With Video Management from AT&T, you can:

  • Edit, approve and share content via a simple URL
  • Send emails or meeting invites with video messages
  • Supply retailers with product videos for remote playback
  • Integrate videos into touch-screen displays and kiosks
  • Confirm the video content is understood with embedding viewer feedback questions or tests into the videos

Video Management from AT&T provides a robust platform for delivering live and on-demand video to audiences worldwide. It integrates well with a variety of our services, including:

Video Management Service and VPNs

Enhance the security of your video communications. Combining Video Management with a VPN can help keep sensitive messages secure, while also improving performance with class-of-service capabilities.

Video Management Service and DSL

Take advantage of high bandwidth and low costs. DSL is a great choice for delivering customer-facing video content that doesn’t require an additional layer of security.

Video Management Service and Hosting Services

Keep your multimedia capabilities flexible. By hosting your Video Management solution with AT&T, you can:

  • Reduce server and infrastructure management
  • Centralize video storage so it is accessible by all constituents
  • Scale bandwidth capabilities to match attendance demands

Digital Signage

Stay connected to your audience. Stream live or recorded video through IPTV or digital signage to deliver timely, relevant content to employees and customers.

CDN Services

Enhance your video delivery capabilities. CDN Services can increase reliability and reduce load times by caching content in servers close to customers. It also facilitates delivery by optimizing it for mobile devices.

Video management from AT&T provides the tools and capabilities you need to:

Customize your video management interface

Fine-tune how viewers experience live and recorded media. Video management provides user-friendly controls for quickly customizing the interface that surrounds your videos. It also offers the ability to interact with your audience via surveys and live Q&A sessions.

Manage content storage and user access

Increase authorized accessibility of video assets with the ability to:

  • Define audiences and supported devices
  • Approve employee-generated content
  • Easily scale live events via AT&T Synaptic Hosting services
  • Automatically add a copy of live video to your library for later access
  • Search videos by spoken word

Optimize video delivery

Provide an efficient viewing experience virtually free of jitter or delays. Video management utilizes advanced IP and subnet metrics to efficiently deliver content to viewers across locations and IP devices.

Video management is ideal for:

Training – Increase efficiency with live or recorded employee training sessions.

Executive town halls – Engage employees and investors with internal presentations.

Live webcasts – Keep customers and external collaborators informed.

Knowledge capture – Easily capture details of employee successes so they can be replicated by others.

Corporate “video tube” – Create a smarter, more informed workplace with social video.

Video blogging – Share news or opinions with dynamic, content-rich media.

Employee sharing – Empower employees to upload video from any device.

Customer Interaction – Engage customers with video advertising and feedback.

Investor Relations – Deliver updates and addresses with resolve to stakeholders.

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