Content Delivery Network Services

Help deliver content faster and more reliably

CDN services ― for fast, highly secure Web experiences

Keep your customers engaged with reliable access to high-quality media. Content Delivery Network (CDN) services from AT&T give you the bandwidth, flexibility, and control you need to deliver digital assets quickly and in a highly secure manner.

Key benefits

With AT&T as your enterprise CDN provider, you get:

  • Enhanced Web performance

    We support your site in three key ways:

    • Caching smaller assets like images and files on servers nearest to your customer (edge servers) for more nimble navigation
    • Optimizing your pages and content for smartphones and tablets
    • Using edge servers to help boost the performance of your dynamic content (shopping carts, catalogs, and user account portals)
  • Security

    Our CDN services provide security protocols that can help your enterprise defend against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and other Web-based threats that can potentially harm your customers and your business.

  • Rich media delivery

    Help improve the load times and performance of your rich media content, including live streaming, on-demand video, and large file downloads.

  • A global platform to scale with demand

    As your Web traffic spikes and dips, you can scale performance capacity up or down—without the cost of having to expand your internal network. You save, and your users enjoy highly consistent and reliable access to your content.

Service highlights

With AT&T providing your enterprise CDN solutions, you'll enjoy:

  • A variety of self-service tools for greater flexibility and precise control over content delivery
  • The ability to create custom rules for caching content and determining how and when digital assets should be distributed
  • Metrics that can help you track and analyze bandwidth usage, user loyalty, or other key data

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  • AT&T Content Delivery Network
  • AT&T Content Delivery Network

    AT&T Content Delivery Network offers a faster, easier way to distribute digital assets while increasing visibility, control and customer satisfaction.
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  • Global Traffic Manager

    AT&T Global Traffic Manager is designed to that internet users can more reliably get to your websites or any other IP application.

    PDF | 180KB


Case Studies


  • Welcome to AT&T CDN

    Deliver rich content efficiently. The AT&T CDN relies on a global network of caching servers and dynamic site acceleration to speed delivery of content. Watch this video to learn more about content delivery.

    Video | [2:37]


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