CDN Services

Performance & protection for web content and applications

CDN Services: high-performance infrastructure for fast, highly-secure web experiences.

Keep customers engaged with reliable access to high-quality media. Content Delivery Network (CDN) Service from AT&T gives you the bandwidth, flexibility and control you need to deliver digital assets quickly and securely. Backed by the global AT&T network, CDN Services enable you to:

  • Accelerate via front-end optimization
  • Improve load times of dynamically loaded content
  • Accommodate spikes in traffic, without purchasing additional infrastructure

Deliver content faster—and more reliably with a CDN Service

AT&T CDN Service not only streamlines delivery of digital assets—it also helps protect them. By spreading content across a global network of servers, a CDN solution can help defend your site from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and other threats, so users can enjoy highly consistent and reliable access to your content.

CDN Services can help you deliver content and applications to nearly any user or device. While a CDN solution can be a powerful enhancement to your enterprise network, it also integrates well with a variety of AT&T services.

CDN Services & Hosting from AT&T

Combine the speed and flexibility of CDN Services with the power of a global network. CDN Services and Hosting from AT&T can help you:

  • Improve site performance, especially for users on the AT&T network
  • Get enterprise-grade security, from your origin server to the network edge
  • Simplify billing and support with one contract

CDN Services & DDoS Defense with KONA Site Defender

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can affect any organization. For maximum protection, enterprises that use a CDN can also take advantage of DDoS Defense with KONA Site Defender. With a multi-layered security solution, you can:

  • Get origin-to-edge server protection in a cost-effective package
  • Defend against threats to data on central and proxy (CDN) servers
  • Enjoy industry-leading protection from a global Internet provider

CDN Services & Application Management from AT&T

Accelerate the performance of your applications. CDN Services can optimize how tools like SharePoint, SAP and Salesforce distribute complex, dynamic data to end-users across a diversity of locations, devices and platforms.

Accelerate content with the power of a CDN Solution.

Content is a key business driver. Using it effectively means delivering it when and how customers want it. AT&T CDN Service is a multi-faceted, easy-to-implement solution that accelerates the delivery of your digital assets in a variety of ways:

Front-end optimization

As websites have grown in complexity, so has the task of keeping them fast and responsive. AT&T CDN caches hundreds of smaller, static assets (like images, CSS and JavaScript files) in the edge server nearest to a customer, so a user spends less time waiting to access a page.

Mobile optimization

A CDN can optimize web experiences on smartphones and tablets. By detecting software and network information about a user’s device, it can send the version of an image (or any digital asset) that best matches that device—all without sacrificing quality.

Dynamic Web and Content Acceleration

Edge servers can boost the performance of pages with dynamic content—like shopping carts, catalogs and user account portals—by temporarily caching it closer to a customer. As a user navigates the website, the CDN enables content specific to that customer to load faster.

Deliver secure web experiences customers can count on.

Creating positive customer experiences online is about more than delivering content quickly—it’s also about keeping it accessible. CDN services provide strong, security protocols that can help your enterprise defend against DDoS attacks and other web-based threats.

Increase network scalability with less capital investment.

Web traffic can vary greatly. Making sure your site can keep pace is essential. A CDN solution can temporarily scale up its caching rules to offload more content from your origin servers to the CDN edge. It enables your site to respond quickly, without spending additional capital on expanding your internal network.

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  • AT&T DDoS Defense with KONA Site Defender
  • AT&T DDoS Defense with KONA Site Defender

    AT&T DDoS Defense with KONA Site Defender service can extend protection from origin servers to edge servers for a comprehensive, multi-level approach to security.
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Case Studies


  • Welcome to AT&T CDN

    Deliver rich content efficiently. The AT&T CDN relies on a global network of caching servers and dynamic site acceleration to speed delivery of content. Watch this video to learn more about content delivery.

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