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Digital Signage: Interactive Engagements Powered by AT&T

Attract and engage more customers with dynamic, interactive digital signage powered by the AT&T global network. Managed Interactive Digital Signage from AT&T provides next-level experiences that captivate your audience, so you can:

  • Target the most valuable customers
  • Utilize real-time customer data
  • Adapt messaging on the fly
  • Expand POS and customer service opportunities
  • Increase loyalty program engagement

Increase ROI and grow with ease

Easily scale your engagements as your customers’ expectations evolve. Whether you need a few in-store signs or a comprehensive, international campaign, our unmatched service and global reach make integrating digital solutions quick and seamless.

Enhance Digital Signage with eCommerce

Turn digital signage into a customer service and sales tool with AT&T interactive solutions. We can help you boost your sales process by integrating POS systems, loyalty programs and real-time customer service into:

  • HD digital signs
  • Interactive video walls
  • Self-service kiosks
  • Mobile apps

While vendor agnostic, digital signage solutions thrive on the speed and breadth of the AT&T global network. We can help you optimize your interactive engagements with a suite of products and services, including:

  • High-speed business DSL can provide the bandwidth your digital signage requires
  • Managed internet service can provide access to the Internet, allowing you to update globally located sings on-demand
  • Network security- to help protect your data
  • Content delivery – for a responsive, engaging customer experience

Retail Solutions

Digital signage can be used to inform, direct and entertain your customers throughout your location. It can modernize your customers’ in-store experience with innovative engagements, like:

  • Targeted customer communication
  • Mobile coupon delivery
  • Product interaction (digital mannequin and product configurator)
  • Interactive games
  • Bank signage with up-to-date rates
  • Mobile kiosk POS and customer service

Hospitality Solutions

Provide state-of-the-art service by integrating digital signage into the hotel experience. Interactive engagements from AT&T can include:

  • Self-serve kiosk check-in
  • Digital concierge service
  • Meeting room and events scheduling
  • Interactive video walls and elevator kiosks

Large-Venue Solutions

Convention centers, stadiums, airports and other large venues provide a large canvas for interactive marketing. Digital signage can be utilized for:

  • Dynamic promotions based on time, supply and location
  • Audience engagement (polls and games)
  • Mobile kiosk POS
  • Wayfinding services
  • Emergency alerts

Benefit from a comprehensive digital signage solution

The expenses and complexities involved with deploying interactive, digital engagements can be daunting. We can help you remove these hurdles by offering a comprehensive solution for installation, management and maintenance of your entire multimedia network—so you can drive loyalty and better interact with customers.

We offer a one-stop, turnkey solution that includes:

  • HD video, audio and wireless capabilities
  • Software, hardware, installation and training materials
  • 24x7x365 system operation and technical support
  • Scalable, redundant datacenter architecture
  • Ongoing operations and system maintenance
  • Full reporting and billing for advertiser networks
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