Broadcast Video

Robust, high-performance global video service

AT&T Broadcast Video: Scalable solutions for high-quality video experiences

Deliver broadcast-quality video using our comprehensive, fiber-optic network. From global sporting events and enterprise keynotes to local broadcast video, AT&T provides end-to-end solutions that can enhance your network with:

  • Flexible, cost-effective connectivity—without the need for permanent facilities
  • High-quality, low-latency video transport
  • Comprehensive support, including on-site technicians
  • Multi-interface support: HD-SDI, SDI, DVB-ASI and more

Enhance communication with Broadcast Video solutions

AT&T Broadcast Video solutions can give your network consistent performance that you can utilize for:

  • Live event coverage: sports, music and theater
  • Distance learning: job training and higher education
  • Digital workflow: file sharing and data transfer
  • Municipal services: court hearings and press conferences

Extend your broadcast reach

From worldwide events to local breaking news, AT&T Global Video Service can deliver broadcast-quality video when and where you need it. Our dedicated Global Video Center provides on-demand ordering and 24x7 support worldwide.

Enterprise communication solutions

Deliver keynotes, training broadcasts and company news without the hassles of travel time or courier delays. AT&T Broadcast Video solutions allow your in-house studio or agency to beam a closed-circuit, live or taped video to all of your locations, vendors, customers and press contacts. Communicate your brand’s message with high-quality, low-latency broadcasts—and without the need for permanent facilities.

Live entertainment multi-cast solutions

Multi-cast transmissions for concerts or live sporting events can require numerous access points with variable bandwidth and compression needs. AT&T Broadcast Video solutions reduce infrastructure costs by delivering high-quality video and 24x7 support through our state-of-the-art Global Operations Center. It can enhance your broadcast experience with news, scores and graphic overlays through the Multimedia Channel (MMC) feature that’s available with HDVT.

Solutions for educators and municipalities

AT&T Broadcast Video solutions provide convenient, efficient solutions for civic and educational institutions. Streamline legal proceedings with highly secure courtroom broadcasts. Enhance distance learning with on-demand video materials. Broadcast Video offers scalable connectivity and high-quality video for virtually any organizational need.

AT&T Broadcast Video solutions can help meet the most stringent broadcast requirements of any organization, from news and film studios to government and academic institutions. We install, operate, manage and maintain your broadcasts from end to end, so you can reduce infrastructure and personnel costs.

Comprehensive broadcast and multi-cast support

The AT&T Global Video Service supports critical broadcast specifications, including:

  • Video contribution and distribution via multiple media
  • Multiple levels of expert service
  • Premise-to-premise testing
  • Managed, full-time video networks
  • Connections to video servers for advertising and news clip distribution
  • Backhaul from broadcaster to original studio

Broadcast technology leadership

Our Global Video Center offers 24x7 monitoring of video transmission and delivery. The AT&T optical network can help maintain low latency and virtually jitter-free video signals for your broadcast applications. Supported formats and platforms include:

  • In LATA switched video service on HD-SDI, ASI, and SDI service
  • HD SDI – 1.485 Gbps (uncompressed)
  • HD SDI – (JPEG compressed rates 75 Mbps - 400 Mbps)
  • ASI – 5 Mbps - 270 Mbps
  • SDI – 25 Mbps - 270 Mbps
  • 1 Gbps Media Ethernet 25 - 600 Mbps available in select markets
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