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Simple, highly secure file sharing from virtually anywhere

Box from AT&T: your key to collaboration

Fragmented content storage and limited sharing capabilities can make collaboration difficult. Box from AT&T centralizes your files in the cloud. It’s an intuitive, highly secure mobile collaboration solution that enables your organization to store, manage and share content online. With Box, you can:

  • Simplify and clarify project management
  • Share files securely with internal employees and external partners
  • Access and edit content on the go via laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Connect to Box on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows devices

Share content with confidence

Box from AT&T is built with IT managers and employees in mind. It provides enterprise-grade security with customizable access permissions as well as an intuitive front-end access user experience. With Box, your content is highly secure, encrypted and easy to manage.

Streamline workflow—without the headache

Integrating new solutions into your IT environment can be a challenge. Box from AT&T is designed to work with more than 700 business and productivity solutions, such as Salesforce®, Netsuite®, MS Sharepoint, and Google Docs, so you can access, edit and share content without significant changes to how you work.

Expand the value of Box from AT&T by extending it to mobile users and using with other services to provide added security.

Provide added security and management controls for mobile users

Enhance the storage, content management and sharing capabilities from Box and extend them to employees using mobile devices. By using Box with Mobile Device Management from AT&T, you:

  • Provide added security for mobile users accessing Box from AT&T
  • Can manage mobile assets through device and carrier agnostic management platforms
  • Support BYOD solutions by splitting business and personal use on employee-owned devices using AT&T Toggle®. Manage the “business” side of the device with MDM.

Additional layers of security can be provided through the use of AT&T VPN Services to access Box.

Box and Office@Hand

Using Box from AT&T with Office@Hand, an easy-to-use cloud-based IP phone service, provides a comprehensive collaboration solution that allows you to:

  • Use one number for all business voice, fax and text messages
  • Enjoy communications features such as conferencing, auto attendant, advanced call handling, multiple extensions, voicemail, dial-by-name directory, on-hold music, paging, and a toll-free number
  • Increase mobile productivity and collaboration

Providing value in multiple industries

Dependable, highly secure access to resources is essential for maximum productivity in today’s workplace. Box from AT&T can enhance collaboration in virtually any type of business or industry, with notable applications in:

Retail and consumer packaged goods

Creating marketing materials like ads and in-store displays can take a large network of people spread across multiple locations. Box allows businesses to efficiently manage projects from concept to completion—even via mobile devices.

Medical and healthcare

Keeping information confidential can be as important as maintaining a dependable way to access it. Box provides a simple and highly secure way to centralize content management for hospitals, healthcare providers and medical research organizations. It enables you to:

  • Quickly share large image files
  • Improve care coordination across departments
  • Streamline medical research processes
  • Help comply with HIPPA security standards

Media and entertainment

Bringing big ideas to life can require an equally large team. Box allows businesses in the entertainment industry to quickly edit and send large, media-rich files to internal employees or external partners. It speeds up collaboration—without having to deal with limited user permissions or FTP transfers.

Box from AT&T can help streamline virtually any project—big or small. With Box, you can share content, post comments, assign tasks and get real-time updates as team members edit files. And when you’re not online, the Sync and Share feature enables you to edit content by synchronizing files to your Box account via your desktop or mobile device. With AT&T, Box allows you to work more productively as it integrates well with other mobile applications and enterprise solutions.

Take advantage of advanced security controls

Box is committed to protecting your organization’s vital documents. Unlike other file sharing services, it provides seven levels of role-based permissions that can control what files employees see and share. It also has the capability to display how they use Box, with full audit trail reporting on user and file activity.

Make Box from AT&T a part of your business

Enhancing collaboration and efficiency doesn’t have to change how you work. Box is designed to function seamlessly with VPNs and other solutions businesses rely on, so you can make the most of your existing IT investments. And with the ability to integrate with over 700 business applications that are part of the OneCloud ecosystem, you can access documents via the front-end experience of your choice.

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    Box from AT&T is a cloud-based BYOD solution allowing highly secure file sharing and collaboration services anywhere, anytime.

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  • Highly secure cloud storage, sharing, and collaboration for the enterprise.
  • Simple and highly secure file sharing of enterprise content using Box from AT&T.
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