Log Management and Analysis

Full-service security monitoring, log analysis, and storage

Near real-time log monitoring, correlation, and expert analysis

AT&T Threat Manager - Log Analysis delivers near real-time log monitoring, correlation, and expert analysis of security activity across customers’ infrastructures. This service helps to improve the effectiveness of your cybersecurity posture by actively analyzing logs and alerts from the organization's devices 24/7/365 in near real time. AT&T experts provide prioritization and customer notification around high and critical severity security incidents.


Our log management and analysis solutions deliver near real-time log monitoring, data correlation, syslog compatibility, and expert analysis of security activity to help you:

  • Protect your network against malicious intruders and unauthorized activities
  • Keep business applications running effectively
  • Correlate alerts from multiple devices and device types across the entire enterprise
  • Detect threats early
  • Manage threats proactively

Service highlights

With AT&T, you get more than log analysis and event monitoring tools and service. You get the power of AT&T Threat Intellect—a combination of cutting-edge proprietary technology, experienced staff, and proven processes. Our global resources, emergency response teams, and network security expertise also enable you to:

  • Obtain world-class security intelligence based on our experience and expertise.
  • Simplify threat management—let us monitor and analyze for you.
  • Receive advanced warning on threats identified in the 100+ petabytes of data that travel our network daily.
  • Customize your protection level through a variety of service options.

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