Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Detect and defend

Early detection is the key to intrusion prevention

Help detect and prevent malicious activity targeted towards your network, so you can focus on core business functions instead, while meeting compliance and continuity objectives. AT&T Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services help keep security protection in sync with new vulnerabilities.

Rely on real-time surveillance

With AT&T Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services:

  • A hardware/software sensor is installed on your premises and managed by the AT&T Security Operations Center
  • IP packets are captured and analyzed in real-time, using a constantly updated database containing thousands of attack signatures
  • 24x7 monitoring provides another layer of network defense to help reduce corporate risks

Access highly trained intrusion prevention security experts

When you choose AT&T Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services, you can take advantage of our highly trained AT&T Security Operations Center staff. These security experts have the skills, knowledge and insight to:

  • Quickly identify patterns of network misuse
  • Distinguish chance anomalies from actual attacks to avoid false alarms
  • Keep attack signature databases up to date to help prevent future attacks
  • Free your staff from on-going intrusion detection and prevention duties

Respond to unauthorized access with an intrusion detection system

If unauthorized access attempts occur or a pattern of misuse is detected, AT&T Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services are designed to:

  • Automatically respond as early as possible
  • Take action based on your pre-defined policies and procedures
  • Work to contain, neutralize or block threats
  • Help prevent damage to your website and business operations
  • Assist in meeting your compliance objectives

Help Detect and Prevent Unauthorized Intruders

Intrusion detection and prevention with AT&T security device management

AT&T Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services take advantage of the security infrastructure within the AT&T Security Operations Center. If you have existing security software or hardware on premises that you would like to continue using, consider AT&T Security Device Management Service. With this service, AT&T:

  • Monitors and manages your on-premises security infrastructure
  • Helps to develop, update or validate security policies, configuration standards and procedures to meet your business needs
  • Identifies solutions to support a policy-based management infrastructure
  • Reduces your staffing and maintenance expenses
  • Decreases the complexity of managing your own IP network security solution

AT&T intrusion detection and protection services are ideal for helping to protect larger "hub" sites, such as central and regional data centers.

Combat stealth attacks with intrusion prevention services

Some hackers have the expertise to identify an enterprise's threshold for "normal" activity and try to enter your network just under that threshold to gather information or plant a logic bomb (code that sets off malicious activity under certain conditions). Experts at the AT&T Security Operations Center have the training to correlate volumes of information and dramatically improve the chances of catching these low-and-slow stealth-mode attacks.

Customize your defense service

There are several ways that you can customize AT&T Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services to meet your security policies and regulations:

  • Define specific traffic signatures for inclusion in the attack database
  • Use event data gathered by AT&T to build a dynamic access control list in your firewall
  • Specify incident response actions: Automatic responses or alerts delivered via e-mail or phone

Deploying your intrusion detection solution

AT&T assigns a team of experts to help determine your network protection needs. These experts:

  • Identify the best locations in your WAN for placing intrusion detection sensors
  • Evaluate your network size, configuration and traffic to design a solution that will meet your bandwidth and budget requirements
  • Make online failover and server load balancing recommendations for backup to ensure that your traffic is continually scanned
  • Work to understand your network usage patterns to tune the detection system to meet your needs

AT&T orders your intrusion detection sensors and installs them in the locations identified in the design phase. After thorough testing of the solution, we hand off the service to the AT&T Security Operations Center who begin, production monitoring, analysis, reporting and alerting.

Installation support for intrusion detection and prevention

AT&T Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services include complete lifecycle management and maintenance. Security event reporting is available through the AT&T BusinessDirect®, our award-winning portal that you can use for network management and administration.

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  • AT&T Managed Intrusion Detection Brochure

    This Product Brief presents an overview of the features and benefits of AT&T Managed Intrusion Detection Service, a fully managed, comprehensive, IP network attack recognition and response solution for network security.

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