Premises-Based Firewall Service

Strengthen your perimeter with a fully managed layer of security

AT&T Premise-Based Firewall: solid protection for your network edge

Stop malicious network activity in its tracks. AT&T Premises-Based Firewall Service provides a robust layer of security to help proactively protect your location’s perimeter. Premises-based firewall, you can:

  • Strengthen the security of Internet, Intranet and Extranet environments
  • Reduce complexity with end-to-end solutions from industry-leading vendors
  • Efficiently utilize IT resources—while AT&T monitors and maintains your firewall
  • Customize security policies for users and applications via an online portal

Protect your network with the expertise of an established provider

AT&T Premises-Based Firewall Service draws on years of global networking experience and innovation. Backed by 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring from our Security Operations Center, it’s designed to give your business a strong security foundation—and the resources to stay protected in the face of emerging threats.

Fortify your perimeter with a universal, easy-to-deploy solution

AT&T Premises-Based Firewall Service is ideal for a wide range of locations, from small offices to large enterprise data centers. It also works well with many Internet providers, which helps make upgrading your security capabilities simple and virtually seamless.

AT&T Premises-Based Firewall Service is a fully managed solution that includes hardware and software components, as well as comprehensive installation, monitoring and maintenance services. We provide traditional and next-generation firewall solutions from:

  • Juniper® unified threat management appliances
  • Fortinet® unified threat management appliances
  • Check Point® firewall appliances
  • Palo Alto Networks® firewall appliances
  • Cisco® ASA firewall appliances

Our premises-based firewall solutions provide a solid security foundation that integrates well with:


Augment your core security capabilities. Combining your firewall service with a virtual private network (VPN) helps enable you to protect data, set security policies and modify user privileges—while also benefitting from enterprise-grade protection for data in transit.


Arm your network with advanced monitoring and threat management. A SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) solution from AT&T can add an extra layer of data analysis, alerts and response capabilities to your firewall.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Help block unauthorized access to your network. Intrusion Detection and Prevention from AT&T is an ideal complement to your firewall that can automatically recognize incoming attacks—and take efficient actions to neutralize them.

DDoS Protection

Keep your network running strong. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Protection from AT&T complements the security policies at your perimeter with advanced, pattern-based traffic monitoring designed to identify, contain and eliminate incoming DDoS threats.

Benefit from robust, comprehensive protection.

With a Premises-Based Firewall Service, AT&T can help your enterprise:

  • Block malicious traffic, like links to viruses and phishing websites
  • Prevent sensitive data from leaving your network
  • Limit employee access to certain websites
  • Set unique policies for users, devices and applications
  • Provide advanced protection by integrating with other security solutions

Streamline premises-based firewall design and deployment

With AT&T, maximizing firewall protection is simple. We can help you navigate a range of vendor choices and configuration options. Once you decide on a solution, our security experts can work with your IT staff to:

  • Help manage your firewall hardware and software
  • Configure your firewall and update your security policies
  • Address specialized, security-related compliance regulations, like those involving credit card payment processing
  • Test patches and fixes prior to deployment

Get solid support for your premises firewall solution

Help maximize protection with the support and security expertise of AT&T. In addition to around-the-clock monitoring and alert response capabilities, we also provide easy access to your firewall via the AT&T Security Center portal. Signing onto the portal enables you to quickly generate reports, manage security settings and request policy changes.

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  • AT&T Premises-Based Firewall Service

    AT&T Premises-Based Managed Firewall Service is a fully managed solution providing a highly functional layer of security to your networks, including all hardware and software components, configuration, installation, day to day management and maintenance, as well as expert customer support and proactive network monitoring.

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