Network-Based Firewall Service

A key part of protecting your core infrastructure

Fortify your network with Network-Based Firewall

Take your organization’s security to a higher level for better protection. Network-Based Firewall service draws on the reach and high reliability of AT&T global data centers to protect your core MPLS network. It can help you:

  • Centrally manage security policies and user permissions in the cloud
  • Conserve capital by utilizing pre-integrated cloud infrastructure
  • Easily adjust bandwidth as your capacity needs grow
  • Take advantage of near-global coverage and 24 x 7 monitoring

Augment efficiency with centralized management

Network-Based Firewall service from AT&T provides easy access to security controls through an administrative portal in the cloud, so you can:

  • Monitor locations across your MPLS virtual private network
  • Quickly adapt policies as compliance requirements change
  • Customize security privileges for any location or user group

Adapt quickly with the flexibility of the cloud

Help keep your organization’s security up to speed with its growth. Network-Based Firewall service enables you to quickly increase bandwidth in the cloud with minimal investment or impact on your infrastructure based on your upgrade choices.

Add customizable features to Network-Based Firewall

Safeguard your enterprise with more than a simple barrier. Our Network-Based Firewall service provides customizable add-on solutions that can give you more control over the data that passes through your network—as well as the users who access it.

Network-Based Firewall service combines advanced security with the strength and reach of AT&T global data centers. It’s a highly versatile cloud solution that integrates well with:


Virtual private networks are at the core of enterprise communication. They can create highly secure connections between offices, employees and applications across the globe. An MPLS-enabled VPN is key for supporting our Network-Based Firewall service and seamlessly integrates with it in the AT&T cloud.

Remote Access

Extend enterprise-grade security beyond office walls. Integrating your Network-Based Firewall with Remote Access from AT&T extends security to satellite locations and remote workers to provide the same level of protection as in the office. Remote access helps secure data in transit to and from devices, while Network-Based Firewall allows administrators to set security policies for distinct locations and user groups.

Add-on solutions for Network-Based Firewall

Take advantage of advanced, highly customizable protection. Network-Based Firewall service offers a range of optional features to help you meet your organization’s compliance needs, such as:

  • Web filtering - set and enforce policies for employee access to online content
  • Application control - regulate access to applications across different user groups
  • Malware scanning - proactively monitor, identify and contain potential threats to your network
  • Intrusion detection and prevention - quickly detect and respond to possible malicious activity directed toward your network
  • Data leak prevention - stop sensitive outbound traffic from leaving your network with proactive, pattern-based monitoring
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  • AT&T Network-Based Firewall Service
  • AT&T Network-Based Firewall Service

    The AT&T Network-based Firewall Service eliminates the need to install customer premises firewalls and dedicated internet connectivity at each of your locations; allowing you to manage and control employee access to the Internet while preventing unauthorized access into your corporate network.
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  • Take the challenge out of managing IT security for widely dispersed locations with network-based firewalls.
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