AT&T Enhanced Cybersecurity Service

Rest easy with cutting-edge cyber security.

AT&T Enhanced Cybersecurity Service: solid protection against online threats

Protect valuable data and avoid costly cyber attacks. Our Enhanced Cybersecurity Service uses classified threat information obtained through the Department of Homeland Security to:

  • Identify and respond to potential threats as they emerge
  • Reduce phishing attacks in your network
  • Neutralize threats embedded in email attachments
  • Minimize data leaks by preventing users from accessing malicious websites
  • Prevent infected machines from spreading malware to other computers

Benefit from advanced knowledge and expertise

Quickly identify and eliminate security issues in your network—without disrupting operations. In addition to established security expertise, we have access to real-time sensitive cyber threat indicators used across the U.S. government.

Security that’s strengthened by information

We’re one of the few service providers with access to classified cyber threat information from the Department of Homeland Security. We have the latest and most comprehensive data about:

  • Email-based viruses
  • Phishing schemes
  • Malware signatures
  • DNS blacklists

We use this information—along with advanced email filters and algorithms—to provide protection far beyond what many commercial companies can deliver. Our Enhanced Cybersecurity Service includes two main capabilities:

Malicious email filtering

Stop email-based viruses and phishing scams in their tracks. Our malicious email filtering service looks at messages that have already been scanned by your organization. It uses a comprehensive, continually updated list of threats to identify and remove any unsafe content that may have slipped through the cracks.

DNS sinkholing

Help prevent data from falling into the wrong hands. Protect your business from “Command and control” attacks, which use malware to automatically connect your computers to a malicious website. DNS (Domain Name Service) sinkholing helps prevent this connection. It’s designed to redirect traffic from your machines to a safe “sinkhole” site instead.

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