Vulnerability and Threat Management

Is your antivirus software up to date? Are your firewalls strong enough? Do you have the right people in place if there’s a security breach? Find out exactly how strong your cyberdefenses are with our vulnerability and threat management services. Our consultants and unique Web tools can help you discover your network’s strengths and weaknesses.

Vulnerability and threat management features

As data breaches put more companies at risk, our deep experience and expertise can:

  • Help spot vulnerabilities in your network and identify any key security weaknesses
  • Provide best practices and advise you on the ways to implement them to help keep your business safe
  • Assist with regulatory compliance and legal requirements, and guide you through even the most complex administrative issues with the help of our online tools

You'll learn exactly where your network is weakest, with tools that provide:

  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Penetration testing
  • Web-application security testing
  • Mobile application security testing
  • Application security program development

Services include:

Here are some additional benefits you'll gain with vulnerability and threat management:

  • Unified online reports - Get convenient, on-demand, and comprehensive reporting on the security posture of your network and each in-scope device.
  • Scalable service options - Decide on the right service level to meet your business needs and budget.
  • Application program interface (API) - Install an API that can help you deliver valuable data programmatically via XML to other applications.

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  • Security Operations Center Optimization Service
  • Security Operations Center Optimization Service

    Develop and operationalize SOC services to protect your networks, systems, applications, and information in real time as well as guard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.
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  • Develop and operationalize SOC services to protect your information
  • Security Consulting Services from AT&T can help develop your end-to-end security solution.
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