Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance

Helping to keep your credit card data protected and PCI-compliant

If you’re a business that accepts credit or debit cards online, you’re required to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to help safeguard payment card data. Our suite of PCI-related service offerings provides a comprehensive security assessment of your payment card system. We’ll help you determine risk factors and provide strategies to help meet today’s demanding payment card industry standards.

PCI compliance services

Help protect your credit card revenue stream. Guard your business reputation. Get PCI-compliant—with help from PCI compliance services.


Protecting credit card data
A breach of your customer credit card data or systems can lead to enormous fines, litigation, and untold damage to your business reputation. The PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) dictates standards designed to help protect your customer credit card data. PCI compliance services can help you assess security gaps, build a security strategy, and work toward compliance with PCI DSS security standards.

Managing threats and system vulnerabilities
We’ll help your teams develop cybersecurity controls that satisfy stringent PCI DSS mandates. Enjoy a complete compliance strategy that includes planning, assessment, remediation, and compliance reporting. Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls that may increase risk.

Keep compliant
Avoid PCI-related fines and penalties and better navigate the road to PCI DSS compliance. Our solutions help to cover your compliance and remediation needs. We’ll help you understand the PCI DSS requirements that affect your unique business and how to fortify your payment applications to withstand the latest threats.

Why AT&T?

Real-World Knowledge. Our consultants can help align your business with industry-recognized security best practices, while helping you develop a complete, sustainable program to meet and maintain your PCI compliance requirements.

Demonstrated Expertise. Our consultants are experts in fraud prevention, data protection, and card brand regulations. You get the latest recommendations, tools and knowledge to help keep you compliant and help protect your credit card data and applications.

Proven Experience. Our team consists of Quality Security Assessors with an average of seven years’ experience each; they include PCI trainers, PCI SSC founding members, global Visa PCI trainers, QSA trainers, and former MasterCard and Visa employees.

Learn more about PCI compliance

Learn more about how AT&T can help safeguard your customer’s credit card data and stay PCI compliant.

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