Incident Response and Forensics

Too often, companies neglect to plan for the aftermath of a cyberattack. Managing the fallout from a breach is crucial. Monitor your company’s security network with the incident response and forensics service. Our security consultants will work with you to create a plan to help respond quickly and minimize damage. We have the expertise to conduct thorough computer forensics and analysis.

Our goal is always to create an effective, customized incident response plan that can help you quickly react to and reduce the impact of a security breach.



Services include

  • Assess and strengthen your current cyberdefenses and plans
  • Test your current solution and build responses to attack scenarios
  • Recommend an incident response plan to help keep your security approach proactive and sharp

In the event of a security breach we can help you

  • Identify attack methodology
  • Discover compromise indicators
  • Determine the scope of impact quickly and limit notification to only affected parties
  • Provide technical staff focused on operations while our trained incident response experts support the response effort

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Avoid being caught off guard the next time you face a security or data breach. Monitor your company’s security network with the incident response and forensics service.

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    Security Consulting Services from AT&T offer a holistic security approach to help organize and optimize the multitude of security initiatives across your business.

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  • Analyze and recover from attacks quickly with incident response and forensics service.
  • Security Consulting Services from AT&T can help develop your end-to-end security solution.
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