IP Toll-Free

Advance your customer interactions and improve Return on Investment.

Maximize the effectiveness of your 800 service by combining toll free service with the efficiencies of an IP converged network. AT&T IP Toll-Free is a managed Voice over IP communication solution that supports inbound toll-free calling for your US, and many of your international sites, on your data network. IP Toll-Free is flexible and connects with your existing traditional nodal voice service, letting you transition to IP without disruption while enjoying advanced call routing features and call management.

Satisfy customers with nimble toll-free service

Increase your customer responsiveness with service that is attuned to their needs. IP Toll-Free gives your agents increased information about customers, allowing them to personalize and tailor their responses to your customers.

In addition, IP Toll-Free provides advanced features that enable you to:

  • Customize announcements for callers
  • Automate basic customer information tasks
  • Intelligently route, transfer and manage toll-free calls
  • Increase flexibility and resiliency of call volume management to help you load balance, shift coverage based on time zone, and handle outages in specific centers

Simplify and streamline your network with IP

Use one network for your voice and data communication. IP Toll-Free provides an IP-based platform for your toll-free needs. This provides several advantages:

  • Reduced complexity of connections and hardware, resulting in streamlined, faster traffic handling
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing nodal technology, while preparing your organization for future growth and technical advances

Maximize your TCO using IP 800 service with SIP

Handle more calls while keeping costs low. Using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) together with IP Toll-Free helps you maximize your benefits. IP Toll-Free helps you to reduce TCO, with benefits such as:

  • Agile and flexible call routing allows you to better utilize staff needed to cover extended timeframes
  • Centralized, web-based portal enables you to easily monitor and adjust contact center operations
  • Increased network capacity due to call compression and codec transcoding negotiation, allowing you to handle more calls at once
  • Ability to allocate bandwidth to efficiently handle fluctuations in call volume
  • Potential reductions in spending on voice-only circuits and other on-premises equipment
  • Lower regulatory fees

AT&T IP Toll Free Service: Inbound SIP trunking service delivering toll free calls over AT&T’s MPLS network

IP Toll-Free and Contact Centers

Expand the ways you communicate with your customers. With IP Toll-Free in your Contact Centers, you can:

  • Easily add new modes of customer communication such as web chat, email, web and mobile applications without requiring additional networking equipment
  • Route calls in a more flexible and real-time manner

IP Toll-Free and SIP

Fully optimize your call capacity by using IP Toll-Free together with SIP trunking such as AT&T IP Flexible Reach. Compatible technology allows you to get the most out of your network, including:

  • Large bandwidth SIP trunks with increased network capacity due to call compression allows you to handle more traffic
  • Use bandwidth efficiently by allocating it to handle variations in traffic
  • Elimination of multiple PRI trunks with SIP
  • Greater hardware efficiency since transactions take place on the same technical platform

Adopt a toll free solution that helps improve your customer experience and grow for the future. IP Toll-Free can assist you in managing your calls whether you are:

  • Adding toll free service for the first time
  • Converting your existing nodal voice to SIP
  • Keeping nodal technology in parts of your business, but adding SIP to others

The service supports a wide range of CPE equipment including voice portals, conference bridges, and fax servers.

Customize your toll free service with advanced features

Get more from your toll-free service by taking advantage of features provided with IP Toll-Free. Improve customer service with better call handling, and streamline the process of managing contact centers in multiple time zones.

Route calls to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction

  • Route calls based on day or time, and offer weekend coverage so you don't need to keep all locations open
  • Support regionalized call handling such as in-language call answering by routing calls based on phone number
  • Recognize and route calls so you can offer personalized VIP treatment or route customers with billing issues directly to collections
  • Distribute calls on a percentage-of-coverage basis to support load-balancing during lunch hours, illness, inclement weather and emergencies
  • Design and store up to five alternate routing plans, which can cover special or recurring events and emergency situations. Routing plans serve as scripts for coordinating the interaction of other toll-free features, so that you can transfer calls and trigger announcements based on specific sets of circumstances. Activate alterative plans by just making a phone call.

Direct callers with helpful announcements

IP Toll-Free enables friendly, professionally-recorded announcements to:

  • help callers reach the right destination
  • keep callers informed of call status, wait times, etc. via pre-recorded courtesy announcements

SIP features such as Transfer and Redirect provide for the transfer of callers to alternate locations, inside or outside your business.

Choose AT&T for reliable IP 800 Service and support

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from relying on industry experts. Your voice traffic travels on the AT&T MPLS high performance IP backbone network, which is highly secure, reliable and resilient to reduce jitters, latency and delays.

The web-based AT&T Business Direct portal allows you to easily monitor and manage your network, and access centralized online account management and reporting.

Count on AT&T to take care of your needs. AT&T Customer Care supports you with your IP Toll-Free service, with 24x7 proactive and reactive technical support and maintenance.

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  • AT&T IP Toll-Free Service
  • AT&T IP Toll-Free Service

    AT&T IP Toll-Free is an inbound Voice over IP (VoIP) service providing delivery of toll-free calls directly to your locations.
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