Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution from AT&T

Simplify communications and collaboration

Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution from AT&T can help you provide consolidated access to multiple tools across many devices and adopt new capabilities quickly.

With a rich range of communication, collaboration, and mobility solutions – backed by the world's fastest global IP network and a multi-vendor approach – we can be your single-source for multiple unified communications and collaboration benefits.

With Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution from AT&T, choose from a variety of bundles to get the mix of features you need.

Cisco Hosted Collaboration Features

Single number reach
In-the-office and out-of-the-office voice worlds have come together. Now, workers can have a single number that rings simultaneously on a desk phone, mobile phone, and other client devices. They can decrease “phone tag” with peers, partners, and customers by increasing first-time reach.

Unified messaging
How much time do your employees waste checking multiple voicemail systems? Bring them together with unified access to a single voicemail box.

Presence, collaboration, and on-demand video
Bring the right people together at the right time. During a voice call, use presence to check the availability of colleagues in real time. Send an instant message to an available resource for a quick answer. For face-to-face communication, extend invitations for an on-demand video conference -- from a desktop to a mobile device, telepresence, and a wide selection of video endpoints.

Seamless multi-tasking
With a consolidated view into multiple voice and UC applications, workers can move smoothly between tools and communication modes. Need to escalate an issue? Move from a chat with one person to a collaborative conference with many.

Multi-device access
Since Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution from AT&T works on a mix of select mobile devices and video endpoints, employees can think less about which device to use and more about the task at hand.

Flexible options for merging voice and UC
You may want VoIP (Voice over IP) features as a first step on your transformation roadmap. Or, you may want to take advantage of a full UC deployment, including a UC client application such as Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution from AT&T, to bring voice and UC tools together behind a single user interface.

If you want to tap into the rich features of an enterprise-grade voice solution with your existing UC client, we can help you integrate voice with a range of other popular UC client applications you may already use. Either way, we have a solution for you.

Why AT&T?

When you choose our UC and voice services, you can benefit from a highly secure, reliable platform with a consistent feature set and support model for global implementations. We also leverage our vendor ecosystem to bring you the latest developments to continually enhance your UC capabilities.

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