AT&T Cloud Storage

Store and collaborate in the cloud.

AT&T Cloud Storage: on-demand, enterprise-class storage

Tap into the dependability of the enterprise cloud. AT&T Cloud Storage℠ provides pay-as-you-go, virtual infrastructure for anytime, anywhere access to data. With AT&T Cloud Storage, you can:

  • Keep storage costs in line with demand
  • Protect resources with multi-layered security in the network
  • Access data through a public or private, VPN-enabled connection
  • Streamline deployment with pre-configured third-party solutions

Get enterprise-grade reliable security based in the network

Improve the security of your data—and your ability to access it. AT&T Cloud Storage combines the flexibility of the cloud with reliable multi-layered security in the network, so you can stay connected to data, applications, and resources.

Empower your cloud with expertise

Build your cloud solution on more than a decade of enterprise-class IT experience. We have the expertise to help create the storage solution that best fits your organization’s size, accessibility, and compliance requirements.

AT&T Cloud Storage℠ is a highly reliable, cost-effective way for any enterprise to store, manage, and share resources. AT&T Cloud Storage can be implemented in a variety of situations, but it is especially useful for:

Backup and restore with AT&T Cloud Storage

Accelerate data backup. AT&T Cloud Storage integrates with your existing software for fast, efficient asset transfer to and from the enterprise cloud.

Archiving with AT&T Cloud Storage

Reduce costs with streamlined, cloud-based data archiving. With AT&T Cloud Storage, you can keep aging files readily accessible, without letting them crowd your primary storage environment.

Anytime, anywhere file collaboration with AT&T Cloud Storage

Increase collaboration in the cloud. AT&T Cloud Storage with Enterprise File Sync and Share provides sync and share capabilities that can connect highly mobile employees to the latest versions of important documents, so everyone stays on the same page.

Using AT&T Cloud Storage for E-commerce

AT&T Cloud Storage can be an essential part of a holistic e-commerce solution. It can provide the highly flexible storage capacity needed to support an ever-changing library of digital content and more efficiently deliver it to customers.

While AT&T Cloud Storage is a powerful, stand-alone storage solution, it works well with VPN:

AT&T Cloud Storage and VPN

Extend the reach of critical or proprietary data. Connecting your VPN to the cloud adds an extra layer of network security to an already robust, highly secure AT&T Cloud Storage solution.

Whether your primary infrastructure resides on your premises or in a data center, our AT&T Cloud Storage℠ solutions can help you extend it into the cloud—so you can take advantage of flexible, reliable access to your data from anywhere.

Connect your infrastructure to the cloud

AT&T Cloud Storage connects your storage environments to the AT&T cloud through public or private network connections and a user-friendly application programming interface (API). We can help you deploy AT&T Cloud Storage through a variety of pre-integrated solutions, or you can configure it in-house by writing directly to the API.

Create a cost-effective storage solution

Get the storage you need, without the commitment. AT&T Cloud Storage enables you to:

  • Align storage costs with demands
  • Reduce upfront capital expenses
  • Take advantage of hourly, consumption-based pricing
  • Avoid costly termination fees
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  • AT&T Cloud Storage
  • AT&T Cloud Storage

    AT&T Cloud Storage gives you scalable, pay-per-use data storage you can access anywhere via web-enabled devices.
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    This white paper examines the current trends in enterprise storage, the ongoing growth and shift toward cloud-based storage services, and how enterprises should choose a cloud service provider. This white paper also provides an overview of AT&T Cloud Storage.

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  • AT&T Cloud Storage: Secure, scalable, pay-per-use data storage for the enterprise.
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