Remote Backup As A Service

Cloud Backup: Peace of mind for business continuity

Cloud-based backup and recovery

Compliance and security issues, mobile workforces and the threat of disasters all make data protection and recovery a critical concern. The increasing volumes of data to store and retain adds to the problem.

AT&T Remote Backup As A Service provides highly secure and reliable data backup you can count on for business continuity to help you:

  • Extend backup services across the enterprise, from device to data center
  • Use the security of your existing AT&T Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Store files in an AT&T Internet Data Center protected by layers of security
  • Reduce transfer and retention costs
  • Have faster and easier online recovery

Highly secure data backup

Use your existing AT&T MPLS Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to transfer data to an AT&T Internet Data Center to:

  • Increase protection against malicious threats and denial of service attacks
  • Benefit from a tested and proven storage management framework, backed by documented processes and procedures
  • Increase data privacy by encrypting data in transfer and during
  • Have better control over the bandwidth you need to support backup

Fast and cost-effective cloud backup

AT&T Remote Backup As A Service uses innovative technologies to transfer data to its destination quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Daily backups with deduplication captures only changed data for faster transfers
  • Data deduplication before transfer helps decrease bandwidth demands and costs
  • Intelligent routing redirects traffic flows to avoid bottlenecks
  • An administrative graphical user interface (GUI) provides a view into the remote backup environment to spot trends, identify issues and assess bandwidth capacity

Rapid and data reliable recovery

With full daily backups, you can be ready to recover from a large natural disaster that brings down a data center or a smaller mishap, like a dropped or misplaced laptop.

  • Retrieve information assets across virtual environments, remote offices, desktops and laptops via the online administrative GUI
  • Use the GUI search engine to browse, point, click and recover full or file-level data
  • Assist users with remote visibility into end user devices
  • Let users retrieve their own desktop and laptop files with a self-service recovery tool

AT&T Remote Backup As A Service can be your single enterprise-wide solution for backup and recovery. With flexible options and scalability across multiple environments, you can help protect your data from loss, theft or damage for business continuity and compliance.

AT&T can analyze your backup requirements and recommend configurations that align with your recovery time objectives (RTOs).

Tiered backup options for more flexibility

AT&T Remote Backup As A Service offers two options for meeting the unique needs of your organization:

Network-based remote backup. Choose to back up your data directly to an AT&T Internet Data Center via an AT&T MPLS network or IPsec tunnel.

Remote backup with local cache. Opt for transferring data to a local cache appliance on your LAN first, then to AT&T Internet Data Centers via your AT&T private network. A good solution for larger sites with higher RTO requirements.

Virtualized environments

Optimize virtual machine backup and recovery at the guest and image level. Exploit unique capabilities and tight integration with VMWare vCenter, VMWare vStorage API for Data Protection and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Desktop and laptops

Backup agents can be easily downloaded to end user devices to backup data on desktops and laptops across the enterprise. Reduce dependence on your help desk staff with a self-service restoration tool for end users.

Remote Office Backup

Centralize and streamline remote office backup and recovery through a single user, graphical user interface.

Delivered As A backup in the cloud

As A cloud-based service , AT&T Remote Backup As A Service can help make back up easier, faster and more cost-effective.

  • Reduce capital expenses for on-site equipment
  • Decrease the need to staff and manage a backup data center
  • Use the GUI to view the backup environment, recover data, reset backup schedules or modify data sets
  • Scale rapidly to respond to growth
  • Benefit from on-going management of the backup infrastructure by AT&T hosting and cloud experts

Pay-per-use pricing

A pay-as-you-go pricing model means you can keep up with fluctuating backup needs and growing data volumes.

  • Pay a monthly per GB subscription
  • Billing based on the quantity of GBs backed up at each endpoint
  • Avoid expensive over provisioning of an on-site backup environment
  • Use the GUI for visibility into usage per site, organization or endpoint for bill backs
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